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Recent content by Inness

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    Right Back Issues

    Can anyone suggest a good 1st team right back. Im currently in the premier league with Plymouth in the 3rd season. Ive got £15million to spend on transfers and have already signed all other positions I need so the £15 can be used on one player. Tried Mario Fernandes because he was on Raikan's...
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    Lower League Brazilians

    As dodgy as this thread may sound (lower brazilians. lol.), im in a crappy situation. Im currently Plymouth in the 1st year and I signed Leo Aro on a free. What a find he is, banging in 8 in his 1st 3 games (2 against Exeter as well, quite happy to see that!). But all of a sudden he has gone...
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    Lower League Defensive

    As Plymouth in 1st year, very little money (95k). What are some good defenders & goalkeepers that will work well in League 1/Championship?
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    Lower League Wonders

    Hi guys, There may be a thread about this already but if there was I couldnt find it. Anyways, just started as Plymouth in League 1 with a pretty non existent transfer budget (40k). I was wondering what are the good bargains, ones to watch, players who can carry me to the championship...
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    Speedy Left Midfielder 4 Championship

    Can anybody recommend a fast (ronaldo like) left midfielder/winger that will sign for a club of Plymouth Argyles stature and under 300k (or loan) I tried Krivets but he opted elsewhere, any suggestions would be great!
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    Cheap & Championship/Early Premiership Strikers

    Hi guys, ive started to play as plymouth argyle and im looking for a decent 25+ goals a season striker and was wandering if u had any recommendations! I start off with about 600K but i dont wanna spend it all on one person! so preferably 300k max! i tried with Cristaldo before but he didnt...