May 9, 2009
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Hi guys,

There may be a thread about this already but if there was I couldnt find it.

Anyways, just started as Plymouth in League 1 with a pretty non existent transfer budget (40k).

I was wondering what are the good bargains, ones to watch, players who can carry me to the championship essentially lol.

I was thinking others using clubs in the same level leagues could use this thread too.
Leo Aro is immense.
Ismael Fofana is also good
Wesley Ngo Baheng is one.
Maximiliano Diaz
Laraudo from Getxo(sp) is legend.
Akpo Sodje is a good free transfer in the 2nd season, was at Hartlepool in league 1 and he was beast 6 goals in 4 games, unfortunately i was brought in to keep them from getting relegated however the situation was too bad and were in league 2 now but will get them promoted back. Robbie Brady from man utd on loan or free transfer if you can get him, hes a left midfielder also plays left wing. Also Jaidi from Southampton formerly leeds if im correct good centre back.
League 1 isn't exactly level of lower leauge I think
Try with this:
- Nicolae Mitea (free)
- Marko Babic (free)
- Leon Kantelberg (free)
- Coelho (free)
- Soukouna (Great!)
- on loan: Mark Randall, Rhys Murphy, Josh McEachran, Havardt Nordveit..
If you are allowed to sign non-EU players, Sani Emmanuel is a great buy as he will go almost anywhere and has bags of potential.
In case you don't use this option...get a feeder club in your board-request. I started a Gillingham game in league 2 and decided to take West Ham Utd as feeder club given the possible options, i could loan 4 good players for free. Without them i would still be in league 2 i think, but right now i'm in the championship on the brink of going to the premiership :)

Furthermore, look for big club players that are on transfer list. You can loan them for 0% wages a lot of the time (either for 3 months or end of season).
Febian Brandy if you can get him, lots of competition for him at the beginning, got him for wycombe in league 2, total beast. He's on a free
Jordan Rhodes, Charlie Austin, Lee Hughes, Akpo Sodje all seem to be good
devann yao = beast
simon whaley
fofana = definite signing
Cheers guys. Some of these are ace. Leo Aro & Wesley Ngo Baheng are kicking **** :D
Giles Sunu on loan from Arsenal, should be considered. Along with Holmar Eyjolfsson on loan from West Ham. In the 2nd season, look out for Jason Euell & Jason Roberts on free's