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Recent content by jamie232

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    Always love your tactics kun so thanks. I’ve tried it with my Sevilla team (2nd season with a much weaker team than Barca/Real Madrid) and finished second but won copa del ray. Adayemi scored 55 and the wide centre backs got crazily good average ratings. It’s a really entertaining tactic and...
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    Fake strikers » A.K.A - Shadow Striker - 4-3-3

    @Krovsky thanks for this and for all the testing you do, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll try this out on my Blackburn save. From the testing you’ve done on this match engine patch, which tactic has been the strongest for a CA165 team in terms of overall points and highest numbers of goals scored?
  3. J

    4-3-3 The Kremin Way

    Thanks for tactic - has anyone actually tested this one yet in the test league?
  4. J

    4-2-3-1 The Special One

    Hi Pav - I used this tactic set with my extremely poor Blackburn team in my first season in Prem after playoff promotion from championship. I managed to somehow finish fourth and qualify for champions league. Adam Armstrong won the golden boot too which I was amazed at because his CA can’t be...
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    Hi - just wanted to say thanks Pav for this great tactic. This is the most fun I’ve had on FM20 in terms of tactics. Not surprised it’s tested so well. Merry Xmas
  6. J

    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    I always buy Steve Mallan (Centre Mid) from Hibs for 500k when I start a Blackburn save. He has really good long shots and finishing. I’ve had him score 20 from Centre midfield before when I’ve played him as a Mezzala on attack.