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    Two questions before I buy

    Hey, I have two questions before I buy FM17, I hope you can help. Firstly, my laptop meets all of the system requirements except for the graphics card. I presume the graphics card is mainly used for the 3D pitch view, can I run the game on my laptop and just use the text commentary instead...
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    Loaning to smaller clubs v keeping at the club

    Hi, I have a number of youths/younger players with the potential to get into my team, but aren't there yet. I'm looking for some advice about who to loan out and who to keep. My training/youth facilities are very good, I have excellent youth and first team coaches, and I'm at the top of the...
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    European opponents with almost no players

    Hi, I've just started a game with a Scottish team, and I have the Scottish and English leagues playable with the database size set to Large. Domestically it's fine, but I've started to qualify for Europe and I've found that virtually every opponent has almost no real players, and therefore...
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    Players retiring very young after leaving my club?

    Hey, I was looking back at my transfer history to see how some players have done since leaving my club, and strangely some players have retired shortly after leaving my club - despite being very young and getting first team football. Has anyone else found this? Is it caused by players moving...
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    Winning smaller league comfortably but no chance in Europe - what to do?

    Hey, I'm currently 8 seasons into a Scottish Prem save using my local team. The challenge for the first 3-4 years was to stabilise the finances and develop the team into one which can challenge Celtic. I achieved this after a few years and in my 4th season I won the league - it coincided with a...
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    Player unhappy and wants a loan, rejects all loan offers and won't sign a contract

    Hey, I have two young players who have asked to go out on loan to get some first team football. I keep offering them for loan, but one (who is the better player out of the two) gets no offers, and the other gets offers but keeps rejecting them all. To make things worse, they're both out of...
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    Unhappy player who wants to leave

    Hey, One of my key players is unhappy and demanding to leave, is there anything I can do to keep him? I have two good strikers and rotated between them, but one of them complained about game time. The other was a better goalscorer so although I increased the complainer's game time there were...
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    Making enquiries on players

    Hi, I scouted about 8 or 9 players who looked like a good fit for my team, they were all fairly young with decent potential, and were mostly valued around 10-30k. I bid about 60k on each, and was rejected on all, then went up to about 150k which was also rejected. I clicked Make Enquiry on each...
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    When is the best time to find free agents?

    Hi, I've just picked up FM16 after not playing the series since about FM12 or 13 and have started a career with a smaller Scottish club. Due to the budget being pretty much non-existent I'm relying pretty heavily on signing free agents. At which times of the year is there likely to be a load...