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Loaning to smaller clubs v keeping at the club


Sep 24, 2011

I have a number of youths/younger players with the potential to get into my team, but aren't there yet. I'm looking for some advice about who to loan out and who to keep. My training/youth facilities are very good, I have excellent youth and first team coaches, and I'm at the top of the Premier League.

My youths have high potential, but I would group their current status into three categories:
Low rating - not going to see the first team any time soon, restricted to the under 20s. Loan offers are generally from League 2 (first team) or League 1 (rotation)
Medium rating - likely to play the early rounds of the cups and maybe occasionally as a sub against weaker teams, but other than that restricted to the under 20s. Loan offers are generally from League 1 (first team) or Championship (rotation)
Higher rating - players who are nearly ready for the first team and will come on as a sub fairly regularly, cover for injuries, or start against weaker teams. Loan offers are generally from Championship (first team) or lower Premier League sides (rotation)

Any team I loan out will have worse facilities and coaches, but will offer more playing time. Which is more important - good coaching, or getting more time on the pitch?


Dec 9, 2010
Both factors are very important, however this is what i do.

i like to mould a particular player to my style of play, so eg, if you play possession football, you want the player to develop his vision, passing etc, as well as his PPM's for the particular style you play in, once you have all of that in place, and you want to develop him as a footballer, like you said, play him as a sub, start weaker games, if hes good enough, if the player still has to develop, play in cup games.

Exposure to first team football is vital for a player, so once you've moulded a youngster to your style of play, what i tend to do is send them out on loan to particular teams that play a similar style to mine, and play in the correct position, with first team or important player role.

playing time is ALWAYS better to develop a player that you have moulded to become a wonderkid.
Sorry for my english and i hope this helps you.


Aug 12, 2013
For me whenever I have a decent youth player I'll leave him in the reserves for the season unless an offer for first team loan comes in from a decent lower league team. I'll give him the odd cup start and minutes from the bench. After the season ends (if I'm still there) I'll see if he's improved and if he has give him more minutes in the first team.


Oct 21, 2013
I would keep them at the club. First team football is good but if they have terrible facilities it won't help as much.

If I get offers from Premiership sides (or teams in top divisions around the world) I would consider it if he will get first team action. If not then I will give them cup games and sub appearances.

Here is a link to the amazing Guido and his tests on the subject https://strikerless.com/2016/08/01/emulating-la-masia-07-first-team-action/


Jun 22, 2015
I want my players to be ready on 2 fronts: home-grown eligibility (3 years trained at club) and personality (via tutoring). If both of these are ticked and the player is not yet ready for the first team, I let him leave on loan, but only to a team with facilities at least as good as mine.