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Recent content by jgray753

  1. J

    newcastle help

    im at 1st January with Newcastle, and haven't been doing as well as hoped. am currently 8th but would like to get into top four- nine points behind man city- i would hope to do this by signing at least one of these: - quality left back - quality midfielder - or a quality AML any suggestions??
  2. J

    what makes a good defender

    what attributes of a player make the best deenders
  3. J

    next ronaldo

    does anyone think they have found the next cristiano ronaldo????
  4. J

    next messi

    does anyone think they have found a player on fm 11 that is the next lionel messi?
  5. J

    recommended right midfielders

    im rangers, and need the following positions: -right midfielder -striker -centre back budget 11m.. really appreciate some ideas
  6. J

    rangers board signings

    does anyone know of players that the rangers board would be willing to negotiate to sign for the club??
  7. J

    rangers improvement

    won the treble with rangers. I need a quality defender, a quality midfielder, and a quality striker in an attempt to bolster my squad for the champions league. I have just over 5m to spend.
  8. J

    quality players for rangers

    need top notch players for rangers that are good enough to dominate the spl and succeed in champions league at a good price
  9. J

    Signings for Birmingham

    I need to buy players that are good enough to be able to keep birmingham in the top flight. I have £27m to spend. ---------- Post added at 11:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:56 AM ---------- would like to sign a quality left back ---------- Post added at 11:58 AM ---------- Previous...
  10. J

    How to get Man City to give extra transfer funds

    I have got £80-85m to spend, and would like to know how the man city board would give u extra transfer funds
  11. J

    Sensational players to take on loan

    I need players to take on loan that are quality enough to succeed at arsenal and win them the premier league NOTE: Positions dont matter as i just want suggestions
  12. J

    Quality Birmingham signings

    Quality players to sign for birmingham ---------- Post added at 04:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:50 PM ---------- would like to sign a quality playmaker midfielder ---------- Post added at 04:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:54 PM ---------- would like to sign a quality...
  13. J

    Quality cheap signings for rangers

    Does anyone know cheap signings that will be good enough for rangers