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Recent content by joehaisman

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    Hazard, World Beater.

    hey, I signed Eden Hazard on my chelsea save at the beggining of the first season for 16m. Sold Malouda for 10m to inter to fund it so wasnt that much to fork out. I play him Left wing with winger and attack and he has been sensational, scoring 21 in a season with an amazing 38 assists. his...
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    Paying over the odds for players,and cant sell your own?

    to acquire a new player you always have to pay soo much more that they are worth but i rarely receive descent offers for my players ?!?!.... HELP :S
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    Jack Wilshere

    What is the best position for the wonder boy ? MC, AM or WG ?
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    Transfer Fees ????

    when you want to sign a player you have to pay way over the odds, but then wehn you want to sell no1 wants to buy or you get such a small amount ?!? So Frustrating. oO)
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    Drogba & Torres Formation ?? HELP !!

    What is the formation to get the best out of drogba and torres ??