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    How good is Victor Moses?

    The title explains all. I just want to know how good he becomes and what is his potential like? Is he worth 825k? ;)
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    Leaked Transfer

    When i offer 4 a player i always get a news thing saying the bid for this player has been leaked or something like that..its annoyin because teams become aware of the bid and start to bid 4 the same player and sometimes the players value increases..i was just wondering is there a way to stop a...
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    Cheap Rm

    I need a cheap Rm atm i have 5mil ..i already have santon Im in my 2nd season wid Brimingham, now in jan, im 6th in the league :D
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    Montolivo sell for 25mil?

    Arsenal have bidded 25mil for him should i accept? who could i get to replace him? i can carrick for 26mil is he worth it? Thanks
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    Should i sell Jovetic?

    I got offered 15mil form AC Milan and im Fiorentina as his replacment i can get Hunterlarr for 6mil because he is transfer listed.
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    Looking for a Network Game

    looking for a network game any1 wna play or can i join yours lol Can admin close this please!
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    daniel parejo

    Is he any good on FM?
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    Thinking about being Sunderland!

    Has any1 been them b4? Any signings you reconmend? Positions that need improving? Formation and Tactics?
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    Need a GK for the Championship

    Need a GK for the Championship im brum
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    birmingham 9.3

    Has any1 had any experince with them? Who should i sign sell?
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    Can't Sell People!!

    im trying to get rid of dead wood but no1 is offering i put the players on transfer listes and not wanted by club only offers i get are the 24mouth thing but i need to money now Is there a good what to sell players lol?
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    Omg you can sign Beckham on 9.3 His stats are amazing I signed hm for everton for 5mil lool
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    Aston Villa 9.3

    Im think of starting a game wid villa Is there any players you recomend? and postions i need to improve?
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    9.3 Good players and new wonderkids

    Has any 1found any good playes or wonderkids that were not that good on 9.2?
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    Jan transfer update

    I wana start a new FM game today but i also want the transfers and i don't want to wait for the 9.3 patch so i was wondering does any1 have or know where i can get a database with the jan transfers update?