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Recent content by JonathonDosSantos

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    Does Anyone know what happens to Castilla when they are promoted to LIGA BBVA. I got them promoted to Liga Adelante and my wage budget is 150k over what it's supposed to be and Ream Madrid keep sending Gago, Drenthe and Canales to my club and they have MASSIVE wages. Does Anyone know...
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    JDS High-Scoring Tactic 4-2-2-2 Wingback

    this is my Tactic, I just created it and I have used it in The EPL and have had great results. It utilises the use of Wing backs and doesnt have wingers. The Attacking Midfielders often spread wide and provide support the strikers. The defence is sturdy but at times leaks goals :/ But this...
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    David Timmermans

    Name: Davide Timmermans Club: MVV D.O.B: 4/10/1993 Nationality: Belgian Position: Striker Agent: N/A Strengths: Pace, finishing, heading, dribbling, natural fitness, creativity Weaknesses: Crossing, stamina, strength, jumping, teamwork Description: Young Striker Personality: Fairly...
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    Lukas Hredecky

    Name:Lukas Hredecky Club:Esbjerg fB D.O.B: 24/11/1989 Nationality: Finnish Position: Goalkeeper Agent: Tom Perälä Strengths: Refles, AerialAbility, Tendency to punch, Jumping Weaknesses: First Touch, Stamina, Balance, Pace Description: Promising Goalkeeper Personality: Very loyal...
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    Anduele Pryor

    Anyone heard of this kid? Did quite well on my Boavista save, 15 assists in half a season. :wub: He starts of as a free agent, and used to play in Holland... Name: Anduele Pryor Club: Free Agent D.O.B: 26/4/1985 Nationality: Surinamese/Dutch Position: Winger Agent: Roy Godee Strengths: Pace...