Nov 16, 2010
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Name: Davide Timmermans
Club: MVV
D.O.B: 4/10/1993
Nationality: Belgian

Position: Striker
Agent: N/A

Pace, finishing, heading, dribbling, natural fitness, creativity

Crossing, stamina, strength, jumping, teamwork

Description: Young Striker

Personality: Fairly Proffesional
Suggested Roles:

- Attack

Looks like a good talent, should develop nicely at MVV, will show him in the future. :)


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Has anyone seen him before?
He looks like he could be a real star!
Looks alright.Have never seen him before. I tend to ignore players below the good premier league line so that might be why.
Is he a "static" player or a random stats guy?
Meaning, are his attributes hard-coded or are they random for every save?
I can check if you want micky...

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Seems to be different every time...

He's PA must be -(?) because FM will generate -(?) PA player's stats a little different in different saves
didn't know that they change each time
That is only if SI did not assign him any values for his attributes. If they do not assign a value, it will be random, taking his CA into account.

He's PA must be -(?) because FM will generate -(?) PA player's stats a little different in different saves
Not necessarily. They are two different things. A player can have static starting attributes and still have a negative PA. The starting attributes themselves are only randomised if they are not set to anything in the DB - meaning that SI has not done enough research on the player to enter anything.

In this case, the player has both randomized attributes and a negative PA.
For those wonder his PA is:
-7 which is a value between 110 and 140
kk cool, would be good to see a future screenshot of him! :p

He is only 16 so they probably dont have enough research on him. :/