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Recent content by Jonty

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    5311 ChampionshipTika 1

    5311 Bristol City Vertical TikaTaka Narrow -Attacking Fullbacks -Shadow Striker -Positive Mentality
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    5311 ChampionshipTika

    Jonty uploaded 5311 ChampionshipTika Leave feedback below.
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    FM 20 4312 1

    Tactic used in FM 20 with my Everton 10 Year save. 5 Premier Leagues, 3 Champions Leagues.
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    FM 20 4312

    Jonty uploaded FM 20 4312 Leave feedback below.
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    Everton Fellaini Replacement. Second Season.

    Fellaini's wage demands were crippling me, so I need a solid replacement who doesn't have ridiculous wage demands. Tried Kara, but his work permit failed. Thanks!
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    Blue For You

    The following story is my attempt at an FM Story which is quite narrative based and has a hefty amount of back story. I'll be blending the monthly updates idea with a personal story. If you don't like a lot of "guff" and reading this might not be for you. Anyway...here it goes and I hope you...