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    FC United of Manchester - Following the footsteps of the Red Devils

    FC United of Manchester - Following in the footsteps of the real Red Devils A Background For those of you that don't know, FC United of Manchester are a football club that were formed in 2005 by supporters who opposed the Glazer takeover. The club entered the North West Counties Football...
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    Takeover keeps collapsing?

    I'm having a successful Tottenham save and for some reason Daniel Levy wants out. However, every time the club is placed under a transfer embargo the takeover often collapses. Is there any particular reason why? Cheers.
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    Gareth Bale - Taking Spurs To The Big Time (A Tottenham Hotspur Story)

    Club Information Nation: England Year Founded: 1882 Status: Professional Reputation: National Chairman: Daniel Levy Chairman Status: Enjoying life at the club Legends: Bill Nicholson, Danny Blanchflower Club Icons: Glenn Hoddle, Gary Mabbutt, Dave Mackay, Ledley King, Jimmy Greaves...
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    Carlos Fierro

    Any ideas of how best to use him? I've been using him as a DLF and it isn't really working. I'm only in my second season so he probably needs time to develop a little more yet anyway.
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    Celtic and Rangers in England?

    Anybody know of a database where Celtic and Rangers are in England? Preferably the Championship? If not could anybody kindly do this for me? Or show me how to do it? Thanks.
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    Sunday League to Champions League

    My Challenge: Starting as an unemployed Sunday League footballer in the hope of one day lifting the greatest trophy of all, the Champions League! The job will probably end up being a Blue Square Bet North/South job, hopefully a decent team with a decent structure in place! I guess I'll...
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    Has anybody else started a Portsmouth save? If so how are you finding it? What kind of players have you brought in? Cheers