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Recent content by JTrappe

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    English B Teams

    Just wondering to pick someones brain here. I've created a II team for Man Utd and checked the box in the editor so I am not to have a reserve squad under the competitions on the editor under club, however when I load up the game I automatically have an u21's team I've edited before and have...
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    My Brute

    http://johnnytrappe.mybrute.com make a brute and have a bit of fun with your brute in this fun flash game
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    Cheap football jerseys

    alright lads and ladies, just got this sent to me from one of my old football team mates, doesn't look to bad too be honest. They're sent from a factory and you can get names numbers and even patches too go with the jersey for about £12 stirling, not including post and packaging. Thought i'd...
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    Anyone watching this?
  5. J

    Can anyone help me?

    I want put FC Utd into the BSN league, so if someone can tell me what i need to do in the editor i would be very grateful
  6. J

    additonal countries

    at the set up menu which countries are best to select for great regens?
  7. J

    including created players

    n/m i got it working:D