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    How does transfer over 48 months work

    Say I wanna buy a player whose club wants 4.2M plus 10% profit from next sale Which equates 120k upfront & 85k over 48 months? But the response: 210k offer rejected? So how does this "transfer over 48 months" work?
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    Before I gets Fm13

    I understand one of the new fm2013 features is you can delegate tasks like contract renewal (I hate this part, players/staffs always want more than 2X board allowed max wage:@) But what about training, which got miles more complicated since fm11? Can that be delegated to coaching staffs to...
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    Is fm base FM 2012/2013 only?

    Cause threads/posts regarding questions about older FMs like 2011 go unviewed, let alone answered, for up to a week or more. Heck more, often than not it feels like I'm the only fm base member who look into the fm11 section anymore. I know 2012 & 2013 are the latest games, but ya can't tell me...
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    Are tournament draws scripted?

    Are cup tournament draws fixed the moment you receive the message in your inbox? I've ran a ECL draw more than 10 times & every single time drawn vs Real Madrid, which is a tough match for my side :@
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    Error posting?

    I tried to post but got: Your submission could not be processed because you have logged in since the previous page was loaded. Please reload the window I reloaded, tried again, same error What is wrong??:S
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    Hi shin member desu!! Just got FM2011, my 1st FM since waaay baaack when I first began with CM2 96/97 & 97/98:P DO people on this forum still play FM2011? or is it only 2013 now?
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    Need tactic for Tottenham first season

    first season no-win streak: 1-1 vs Birmingham 3-3 vs Man Utd lost 0-1 vs Bursaspor in Champions league group stage lost 0-3 vs Chelsea What tactics should I be using? The morale of almost my entire 1st team squad is either poor or very poor