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Recent content by kingmatt899

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    Need Help Getting Rid of Players

    I am currently managing LA Galaxy and desperately trying to get rid of Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan, however I have been unsuccessful doing this. Please can someone give me advice on ways I could get rid of them, apart from release as I can't seem to do this for some odd reason, Thanks
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    Thank you this is magnificent, however I don't suppose you or anybody knows where I can decent non-league logos
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    Best English Level 10 update

    I am going to be beginning a career in level 10 or 11 and wanted to know what was the best update available to download?
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    new network game

    Hi I am about to host a network game, 2-3 players MAX, not sure about leagues but we can decide that. If anyone is interested state below and I will pm you hamachi details to save everyone joining and ending up with about 10 in one network
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    Skins - stadium backgrounds

    Hi I just wandered whether there were any skins that are suitable for stadium backgrounds because I have downloaded plenty of skins and what is usually the case is that it is a struggle to see the font because of the background or font colour, so if anyone could point me in the direction of a...
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    New Network Game - 3 PLAYERS MAX

    Anyone interested in starting network game we can decide on what league to play if interested pm and I will send you username and password details to ensure we dont have too many players. I have experienced too many players and it is not pleasant.
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    Cup Runs

    Admin: I have searched for a thread like this if there is it has a **** name because I cant find one. I wanted to know the best cup run you have ever had like it doesnt matter what cup (obviously not super cups) because I find a decent cup run is one of the more rewarding aspects of the game...
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    Help please!

    I have just loaded a new game with various leagues and I went to select a team and the Eredivisie has been blacked out and I cant select team from that league. Has anyone else had this problem if so does anybody know how to fix it.
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    Robinho or Suarez

    I am currently managing AC Milan and was wondering who would you rather have Robinho or Luis Suarez
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    Although people may not want to admit it has anyone been relegated yet on fm 2011
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    21st Birthday

    7th September, means one thing well the title says it all, 21 let the celebrations begin, also my broadband after 3 weeks cut off
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    Your Tactics or Downloaded

    Hi all, I just wanted to know whether you use your own tactics or downloaded tactics.
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    PSV - Marcelo

    What a pile of ****
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    PSV - DM required

    Hi have 2.6M to spend any suggestions for a cheap defensive midfielder
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    Level 10 tactics

    Hi All, I am currently managing Falmouth and have had a look through the tactics on this site and was wondering if these tactics are suitable for this level or if not does anyone know of any decent tactics for this level