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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    I wonder if this guy's any good.
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    19 games into the season and we've dropped points by conceding in the last 15 minutes in 9 of them. Dropped 15 total points as a result.
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    while we're at it, here's my striker getting mad at me for praising him after he scored a brace??
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    This is less a frustration and more of just a head-scratcher. Why do they care what I say about a third-string goalkeeper who's out on loan?
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    Long throws are extremely OP in the new update so you should definitely set up a long throw routine. Honestly I didn't even change much with the default routine and I'm still getting a goal from them about once every two to three games.
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    Pre set tactics

    Yeah, I've had relatively decent success that way. I tend to start with the basic tactic and just make whatever changes to the roles and duties are necessary to fit my players, then just add or subtract team/player instructions as needed.
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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    Something similar happened to me once. Almost all of my guys switched to wearing black shirts, which was inconvenient since our opponents were also wearing black shirts...
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    How to get my striker scores ?

    Yeah I agree about changing his role. I had issues with my DLF while my PF was pretty prolific (31 goals in 38 games, won the golden boot). What's your tactical style and mentality? I don't see any issues with your team instructions right off, but it's hard to judge completely without that...
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    4-2-3-1 - Striker / goal issues

    Players squandering one-on-ones is a known issue with the ME this year and if there's a tactical solution to it I don't think anyone has found it. My theory is that they nerfed it to compensate for flaws with the defensive AI. My striker (a PF in a gegenpressing system that's usually 4-2-3-1)...
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    Are there no good 4231 tactics out there?

    I mainly play a 4-2-3-1 and it works alright. It's a pretty generic gegenpressing tactic with a few tweaks (mainly just ticking the "play offside trap" TI and adjusting a few other settings like width and making the roles and duties fit my players without unbalancing it). I tend to just start...
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    So is the current iteration of the ME unbreakable?

    It's not directly "breaking" it but I feel like if you got really good at corners then you would never lose because like two thirds of your crosses get blocked out for corners. If my strikers could put even half of the headers they win on frame... The terrible conversion rate of one-on-ones is...
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    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    Give Viitorul Constanta in Romania a shot. It's the club that Gheorghe Hagi's youth academy feeds into.
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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    love playing cup games against third division teams (this ended in an 11-10 penalty shootout because of course it did)
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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    I'm sorry, your name is what now?