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Recent content by L Lawliet

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    Quitting the current job without having an offer to another one.

    The thing is: I started this save with Liverpool some time ago and now I am in the 2021/2022 season and this after this season is gonna be 10 years that I am at the Club. I won everything that I could've won, I've made the quadruple twice. I win the league every year since I first won it in...
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    Basque Players

    Anyone have a list of good (or even not so good) basque players? I'll start a save with Athletic Bilbao so I'd like any suggestions.
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    Work Permit

    How long does it take for a player to get a work permit in England?
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    Album of the year.

    What was the best album of 2011 in your opinion? mine was: JUST EPIC! :wub:
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    Australian Open 2012

    So in some days the first Grand Slam of the year will start. What are your expectations? Personally I'd like to see Djokovic in his last year form. Also, I'd like to see Federer winning a Grand Slam again. Kinda undecided here. In the women's, I really can't wait for Caroline Wozniacki to...