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    American Super League (Network Game)

    Hello All. I have re-structured the American leagues to be more user friendly and I am looking for a couple of players to help me test a season or two of it. The new structure reveals the American Super League in place of the old MLS, player restrictions have gone, no wage caps, drafts and all...
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    Woys Wevoloution Challenge

    After reading an article by Ian Wright and seeing numerous calls for England to adopt a 'german' approach to football i have decided to post this challenge to anybody who can be bothered to do it. I have holiday'd a season to the european championships, i am going to holiday those in a moment...
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    World Academy Football

    Fifa heads met a week ago to discuss the future of world youth football after several managers put forward a motion to re-structure the development process. Glenn Hoddle, who runs an academy for players who are out of contract and can't find a club, put forward the suggestion a few months back...
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    Removing Kits.

    On football manager i personally like to change my kits every season using the fmrte. I've seemed to have this problem with all the licensed teams since i can remember and could never really be bothered to ask until now. I am now the manager of Crewe Alexandra and their kit is horrendously...
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    Lower league stars.

    Post in here you're league one and below stars you have found to perform at the lower levels. (if such a thread exists, delete) Please list them as followed by my suggested player. Name: Tom Hurley Position: Striker Level Signed For: Conference South (Tonbridge Angels) Age: 18 Cost: £0 Wage...
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    Forever Blowing Bubbles - A West Ham Story

    (Sorry to anyone reading my O'Connor/Giggs Stories, got a virus, had to whipe computer :( ) West Ham United Recieve Formal Bid For Club West Ham United have been offered a large sum of money by a group of American Buisnessmen to purchase the shares held by CB Holding ltd (35%) currently in...
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    FM-Base £50,000,000 Challenge Thread

    I created a database for Football manager 2009 that over 2500 of you downloaded and took part in, i give you the same challenge again for 2011. The database will be uploaded at some point today after a points system has been figured out for a leader board. Use this thread for screen shots...
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    Help! Patch 9.3 2010

    *10.3...not 9.3 sorry. Hello lads, some of you might remember me, some may not, to be honest, its irrelevant :) haven't posted on here in a long time been far too busy for fm, havent even bought fm11 yet :O, will get around to it soon, for now though i will just use one of the summer updates...
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    Help with a badge.

    Can somebody turn this into a badge that is friendly to the game as when i load it it loads with a white background...and i don't get my photoshop back for 2 weeks. no config required. because this is what i get at the moment thanks for any help =]
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    Mr. O'Connors Managerial Career

    (Basically starting un-employed with Premierleague-Level10, see where it takes me) KM Weekly Norton Sports today have announced that Leeum O'Connor will be their new manager for the 2009/2010 campaign after signing the young coach to a 3 year deal at £250 a week. Mr.O'Connor said he is very...
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    Goal Machines 2010

    I remember there was a goal machine thread for 2009's game to show other users players who score a lot of goals. This is quite useful if you want to sign a striker but are having doubts about the free justifing the price you may have to pay for the player. Personally my teams of Aguero and Van...
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    Worst Result

    Post your worst most painful results. I'll start us off with this baby. Just played United Chelsea Liverpool United survived all of that, next game was Hull, went 2-0 up and actually lost!
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    Tonbridge Angels Logo

    Hey, im good with facepacks, backgrounds and other graphics with fm, but since i havent got my photoshop anymore (need to get that back) its hard to make logos. Sean did it for me last time and did a great job, if anyone can just do my one quickly would be much appreciated. I don't need the...
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    Tonbridge Angels F.C

    Oh thats right im back at the Angels now i can manage them in their league and not have to throw myself in the deep end like last time. Keep watching this space as i will write out a story better than fm09's and will start to do monthly updates after i finish the first month of course. For...
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    Heart Of Midlothian

    Hearts today have announced that the takeover that has been progressing over the last few months has finally been completed. 52 year old Indian billionare Mukesh Ambani, who currently sits 7th on the list of the worlds richest men, he has revealed that during a buisness trip to Scotland he was...