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American Super League (Network Game)


Arsenal 3 - 0 Scum
Nov 25, 2008
Hello All.

I have re-structured the American leagues to be more user friendly and I am looking for a couple of players to help me test a season or two of it.

The new structure reveals the American Super League in place of the old MLS, player restrictions have gone, no wage caps, drafts and all that American nonsense. The league now follows the English Prem format of 20 teams, play each other twice.

The league start date is now July, there are five domestic competitions.

American Super League (Domestic top division)
American Indie League (Domestic second division)
George Washington Invitational (American FA Cup)
Pepsi Cup (American League Cup)
Independence Day Shield (Winners of League vs Winner of FA Shield to be played July 4th)

If interested please let me know what team you would like to be, and what times are good for you to play.