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    One of the best conference sides ever?

    I thought I would start one last game on football manager 2011 and decided I would go with my hometown club Grimsby. Having seen the shambles of this season I knew changes had to be made and this is what I did. The first 5 games have seen my side get the following results Grimsby 4 Gateshead...
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    Forget Ronaldo and Messi get Kandol and Connell

    If you are playing on the 10.3 update and you need a conference north/south/prem striker Kandoll and Connell are your men. I am Dover and signed Kandoll on a free transfer following a striker crisis at my club with 5 games to go in the league. He signed and scored three in five and setting up...
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    Who to buy 3rd season with Southampton to help me stay in the premiership

    I have just been promoted to the premier league with my Southampton side. I am in need of some players to help me stay in the league as my squad is not premiership quality. The squad GK Smithies GK Ricardo RB Frazor Richardson RB Danny Butterfeild CB Danny Seaborne CB Fonte CB Demeritt...
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    Southampton bid to bring back glory days

    6th July 2011 Adkins leaves as Southampton look to bring back glory days. Today Southampton have dismissed manager Nigel Adkins the former premier league outfit just missed out on the play-offs last year even with a 10 point deduction. They also won the Johnsons Paint Trophy which just shows...
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    Looking Grim at Grimsby

    :( I am about to start my fourth season at Grimsby in following my promotion from League two I am in pre season ready for league one. However if I do not bring in some better players I will be going down :( but I cannot find anyone Amr Zaki and Mohamed Zidan are frees! but will not sign at the...
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    Blackpool premier league dream

    First off this is my first thread so be nice :) second I am sure other people have done the Blackpool challenge and may do a lot better than me but thought I would try and make it a good read. I was 3 games into it when I decided to do this so sorry I also used my actual name as manager don’t...