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    Not updating...

    Hey guys, (sorry if this has been posted before...). Basically my FM13 isn't updating. Steam seems to have downloaded the updates and when I click on the preferences in-game, it says "Football Manager 2013 Version 13.2.2. However, when I go to start a new game the only database I have available...
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    Youth Rating

    Hey guys, Does raising a nations Youth Rating raise the quality of regens it produces? Cheers.
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    Improving your coaches?

    Not sure if this should be here or in Tactics/Training section. Just wondering if there was a particular way to improving your staff? For instance: if you put a coach on Ball Control, does that mean his Technique, Mental and Attacking attributes improve over the likes of Defending and...
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    Paolo Riela - coach.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Just found this guy when I was looking for coaches after being promoted to the Premier League. He is only 28 and pretty sensational stats. 17 Attacking, 17 Technical, 20 Working with Youngsters, 14 Discipline, 14 Motivating and 13 Determination. 4*...
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    Scout Reports not Appearing

    Every time I try to scout a player, no report appears and it just says: "You need to request a member of your scouting staff to compile a report on this player.". I have tried all my scouting staff, and even coaches. Same thing :S Anyone else encountered this and have a fix? I'm using the new...
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    K-P Boateng

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but has anyone noticed K-P Boateng started playing when he was 6... ? D.o.B: 6/3/1987
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    Strikers staying on-side

    I'm just in the middle of a game as Livingston. I'm currently playing Falkirk and my top striker (Iain Russell) has had 3 goals chopped off for being off-side (rightly so). I was just wondering if anyone knows what stats determine their ability to stay on-side. I think it's to do with...
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    Rescource Archiver

    Hey, Can someone shed some light on how to use this?? I've never had to use it before to get the Editor. There isn't any 2012 archives on mine and what little archives are there I can't access them. Frustrating...
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    Peter Grant - Aston Villa assistant manager

    Anyone else found that they are unable to sack this guy? His stats are decisively average - especially for an assistant - and is on £15000 a week... But, when I go to mutually terminate his contract, the board block it... And obviously he rejects a contract change to a coach. Pain in the neck...
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    Dead Sea Souls - New Scottish band

    Anyone heard of these guys? They are a sensational new Scottish band from Whitburn and Bathgate. They are an Alternative/Indie band. Give them a listen guys :) Dead Sea Souls - Info | Facebook
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    Very Good Training Guide

    I don't know if something like this has been posted before, and if it has, sorry to Mods for posting it again. But this is a very good Training Guide that dispels a lot of the myths I have heard about training youngsters...
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    10.0 Ratings

    Has anyone else ever got 10.0 rating for a player? Leigh Griffiths (on loan fae Wolves) just got 5 goals and a 10.0 rating on my Huddersfield save. Cheesin' :D
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    Just wondering if anyone else has played this highly addictive game?? I thought it looked one of the worst games ever when my pal first showed me it. Now I can't get enough of it. Great fun :)
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    Synthetic Pitches

    Couple of qs about about them on FM: 1. Do players play differently when playing on synthetic pitches compared to how they play on grass? 2. Does weather effect them differently i.e. does the ball run faster when they're wet, etc.? I was just thinking about how **** games can get in winter...
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    Extinct Pitches?

    What does it mean if the "Extinct" option in checked on the stadium editing screen in the editor?