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    Can anyone test a Bayernesque/Barca tactic ?

    For full season good & bad teams. Need to know if it works wonders. If you meet problems (especially beggining, put tempo on slow). OI : All positions Close down all weaker foot, for occupying the space between opposition players. Thanks a lot.
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    Chelsea-like roles, dominating Premier League

    Tried to make a Chelsea-like style of playing. Formation : 4-2-3-1 Opposition Instuctions : Training : Results : Tactic : Good luck. Will add a similar 4-4-1-1 later on, tactic which kept my bayern munich on a 90 games or so without defeat. Pretty similar instructions though, just...
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    Charmer v 15.3.2

    Got a conte style 3-5-2 that worked wonders with juve/guangzhou and a slightly more advanced version of the current one. Perhaps i will add them later. Atm this was tested with barcelona and united. Should be decent even without a worldclass team. I uploaded a few screenshots of my failed...
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    I know meh opposition, but still. Made me giggle.
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    Van Gaal's Imagined 3-5-2 / Antonio Conte midfield domination.

    Hey guys, I've just moved to fm15 for a bit and i went straight in to try to make United work as van gaal had it imagined. This is the result so far. Met already Tottenham, chelsea, liverpool and got 10 games with 0 conceeded goals. Defence should be rock solid and attack should be okay...
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    5 Goals per game Barcelona

    Was trying to make a tactic with lots of roaming and interchanging of positions in which the front 3 either assist eeach other or simply have a go at goal. This came out. My only lost game of the season, vs inter :) Draw 2 games in cup, smashed them at home. was missing a defender as i...
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    Fun Tactic to try out. If you get bored.

    8 saves, 2 years. My Manchester United. Seems almost too easy.
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    Resurecting the Target man : Predicting Wenger's arsenal 2014-2015

    Hi. The idea is to have a decent, organized defence while fast transitioning forward, runs down the flank and overloading in midfield in order to get the best out of Giroud. It is still beta testing, i will add everything required tomorrow (ppm, training, etc). Atm just curious if it works with...
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    A recreation of Chelsea`s Parking the Bus, mourinho style

    Its not fully tweaked, but the main are there. Its up for testing. Looks promising so far considering Leeds have a ****** team. Will update the post after more testing, and adding the basics. Gotta run now. Edit : removed the link so people would stop complaining.
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    Pep`s Old School 4-3-3 Barcelona style

    The Barcelona `08-`09 success story. Basically the formation i have in mind is this : Its a system Pep has always been fond of, variation of it can be found currently at Bayern Munich. or It is the same system, really. I replicate it like : The attack phase : Both the right winger and...