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Recent content by Mark Bhoy

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    I am montrose and i need some free agents, can anyone reccomend any?
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    Center back

    can anyone recommend a CB for my Middlesbrough team, 3 seasons in and i have gary cahill here already i have 18.75 million to spend
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    box to box

    hi, can anyone recommend me a B2B midfielder i am Middlesbrough and im in the prem starting my second season
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    oscar cardozo

    is he any good, swithering to buy him for my Middlesbrough team or not. anyone got any other suggestions for a good striker ?
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    How much do you think it willl cost to buy him ? i am celtic and i have him on loan at the moment and he is banging in the goals for me
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    When other teams come in for my players i decline the offer as they are key players for my team and after i have done that they become unhappy with me, any idea of what i should do to make them happy again ?
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    i need a goalkeeper that is old engough to tutor tim krul to make him quality
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    Defensive Midfielder, Fioretina

    can any one recommend a good Defensive Midfielder i have £14 Million and im using, 10.3 im in the season 2012. Thank You In Advance
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    Need New Coaches

    I need new youth coaches and good coaches for fiorentina i have recently moved and i need to improve the training its poor, can any of yous please give me any suggestions ?