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Recent content by MarkGidman

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    3D Kits Can somebody point me to somebody who can do them PLZ??

    Could somebody do me a set please??id be very grateful i will upload the kits that id like doing in 3D i do apologise if its in the wrong section this post!!
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    chairman not showing up

    hi ive put my own chairman and board of directors into a club on the game in the skrill premier but they are not showing up at all can anybody help with this issue please
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    Editor file got triangle for england why?

    hi ive edited my files to update the game with latest updates and now it wont let me select england as a country i want to use on the bit where u pick wot countrys u want players from :(
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    Picture not showing up

    hi ive made my own chairwoman on my game and the picture used to work in the game but now it doesnt could somebody help me with this issue or point me in the direction of a default config that will solve the problem thanks
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    Making a Cup compition

    hi im wanting make a cup compition of lower league teams from england and scotland,wales and ireland and n ireland can anybody help with this please :)
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    Changing teams that have come out of admin

    hi im trying update my game and as a port vale fan port vale have come out of admin today ive made the new owners through the editor and put them in my game but it still says theyre in admin and that the owner is still looking to sell why ive been on the finance tab on the editor and on the...
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    Match Shouts

    hi does anybody have any tips on match shouts eg to play more direct,attacking,defensive,patient,stretching play thank you :)
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    good youth prospect

    good youth prospects either free or to buy and a LB for championship standard team apart from nyatanga as ive already got him cheers
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    staff and players for bluesquare prem please :)

    hi ive decieded to start a new game in the blue square premier and id like to know your thoughts on players i could bring in im one of the favourites to go up and normally go for people like enzo scorza but carnt find him anymore and jamil adams rate has gone right down please give me some tips...
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    amount of leagues

    hi how many leagues do you guys recomend because i have most of my countrys ticked but only probs half ticked and i get loads of players but my game constantly not responding can people give me advice on wot leagues to have active for like decent players and so my game is actually good enough to...
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    custom kits and logos

    hi i know this is a huge ask but i was wondering weather somebody could do me a custom logo and kit please as im making my own club and want it to be like the others with badge and kits on show if so just message back and il be over the moon
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    Fixing expectations and media prediction

    how do i Fix the expectations and media prediction for a club ive created cheers
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    Best freebies

    hi im starting a new game in the blue square prem can people recommend good freebiees ideally for each position for me to have a look at cheers
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    carling cup

    hi im a league two team and ive got a game in the crlarling cup coming up against blackburn and i want to give them a good game wot are the best match shouts and team talks to say im away aswell cheers
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    In game Information Tabs

    hi ive got a skin i love the skin but when im seeing wot my assistant manager thinks and click the tab it goes up instead of down so i lose the option to close it how can i fix it to go down thanks