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    Honor´11 Logos

    Honor´11 logos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ England Premier League- Download / Preview N-Power Championship - Download / Preview Germany: -Bundesliga -2. Bundesliga Italy: -Serie A -Serie B...
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    MT`11 facepack by Mata132

    so I made another fp, and I am very pleased whit it... so currently I made Aston Villa and Arsenal, I plan to do Premiership and top 5 leagues... so here it is... download download
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    Mataa123 sig and avatar request thead

    so if you want a sig... req here... or avatar..
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    New facepack for FM11 - by Mata123

    so, I had some training and decited to start making facepacks... so this is how it shoud look... any comments??
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    Just to say somthing about me

    So, and if I ma here for about 2 mounts, I havent Introduce... so my name is Mateo, nickname Mata, I come from little place in Croatia... Like to play football, bla bla bla...I play manager sinse 2006.. Fan of Chelsea and Dinamo Zagreb and Southampton...
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    Mataa123 and acmilan Sig Request thread

    welcome So we decidet to make our req thread... here are some of the works.... Mataa123 Some of acmilan works : Format the only rule is : we wond do your sig if you requset it on another thread-...
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    My last trip - Forest Green story

    City in sadness… A big sadness is in Nottem this week, there manager David Hockaday has past away… He was murderd last night at his home… A sad day for all Forest fans... The clubs staff is also sad, bit here are some of interviews whit theme…. … - word s of Forest Green Assistent...
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    Mataa123 Graphic requst thread

    WELCOME TO MY GRAPHIC REQ THREAD So after I stoped doing kits whit whyelse, I desided to make my job bigger... So I can do : KITS So the styles are : LS 10 SS 09 Display FMPT Street kits some of my works.. I also do facepack, cut-out and SFCM '11 ex. of cut out... those war fast...
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    NK Dinamo Zagreb - Villareal and Hajduk Split - AEK

    so, since I am from Croatia, I just opend thret for our clubs, Dinamo is leading 1-0 on haftime (H) , goal by Ante Rukavina whit great assistent by Sammir.. here is the goal YouTube - Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Villarreal (16.9.2010.) - prvi gol - Ante Rukavina Hajduk game is starting in 21 h
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    SFCM '11 facepack

    So here is my project for FM 2011... Facepacks for all kinds of leagues.. Here how it looks... 1. Croatian League - W.I.P. Cibalia Dinamo Zagreb - W.I.P. ...
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    Going to top whit a legend

    Carlo Ancelotti retires after a car crash Last night at London Carlo Ancelotti had a car crash, he was driving when a car hits his car, he was at coma for 10 days and after he wake he decided to retire from couching job...Carlo Ancelotii had a great manager career, he was managing big clubs...
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    Mataa123 Super League players

    So, I started making a leage, whit 12 teams, and whit all new players, but I cant remember 250 player names, so I need help from you... FIRST NAME: SECOND NAME: HAIR COLUR: ETHNICITY: DATE OF BIRTH CITY OF BIRTH: NATIONALITY: SECOND NATIONALITY: CLUB: PREFERRED SQUAD NUMBER: HEIGHT (cm)...
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    Mataa123 Premiership club logos

    hy everyone, now I started to make club logos, here is my first try... here are some of them... here is download... for all infos e-mail me - [email protected] ---------- Post added at 10:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:39 PM ----------...
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    Mata123 download page

    Hy guys, here is my download page, here are all my works for FM... FM2010 Tactics and trainigs SOS tactic SOS training Facepack Southampton 2010/11 Man Utd 2010/11 Breiðablik 2010/11 Chelsea 2010/11 Kits Barcelona fantasy Gillingham FC fantasy N-Power League 1 2010/11 kits - work in...
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    N-Power League 1 kits

    hey guys, I started doing League 1 kits, by now I made 5 clubs, in few days it will be finished... here are some kits... dont no what is whit graphip, I will fix it.. imageshake dont works so I uplouded it on facebook :D... in few days download and all...