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    New Tactic Testing Now Live!

    at this point never, it has been like this or months
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    23212 Asymetric - Lot of Goals

    is v1 or v2 working better for you guys?
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    Gasperini Atlanta 3-4-1-2 and Jürgen Klopp in Liverpool 4-3-3

    How are they working for anyone else?
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    Liverpool 3-4-1-2: Total Football

    How is this doing for anyone with not an absolute elite team?
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    (4-4-2)@[email protected]

    Working really good in my safe, im playing in the world super league mod with rennes and kiang has 25 goals halfway through the season
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    how do I mirror a tactic im always scared I butcher some of the instructions or sth
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    I need a mirror for this, but few test games have been awesome
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    BJT - 20.4.1- FinalList (x18 systems -Pep, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte) - Inc Celtic ECL S2 / + New System, BJT 4411 Feat Fantasista Roberto Baggio

    ahh ty for your reply, sad I guess but I kinda guessed it^^sos ad I would love a good tactic with a raumdeuter since I have Thomas Müller but cant get a working one :(
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    BJT - 20.4.1- FinalList (x18 systems -Pep, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte) - Inc Celtic ECL S2 / + New System, BJT 4411 Feat Fantasista Roberto Baggio

    you think I could tweak mom v2 and play a raumdeuter on the right wing? or would that completely **** the tactic over?
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    Klopp's Liverpool gegen real tactic

    won VNS after 34 games 32 wins - draws - 0 losses 89 goal differences insane for me in lower leagues, just winger is struggling but I guess that's the ME, really nice job and great to watch
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    Klopp's Liverpool gegen real tactic

    Its rely good, I took tff corners and copied it in and I'm in vanerama national south 7/7 so far 21 points 20 goals difference. (I was predicted second tho but still super impressive away and home) only one goal conceded atm edit: 14 games - 14 wins now, 41 GD, only 2 conceded, really nice...
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    Dobba's Masterclass

    holy the tactic with the tweak is stupid strong, by far the best tactic I have tested this patch and I played a lot, thy score for fun and defense rock solid (I'm second best team in Ligue 1 atm so im pretty strong, dunno how it works for underdog)
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    i plugged it in my very very talented team in Ligue 1 and its not a bad tactic but so **** inconsistent maybe a 14/20
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    TheDale MK3 - 71% Win rate - 73% clean sheet rate [Deleted]

    why not just upload the correct tactic?
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    i was asking myself if it wouldn't be possible to always include the points which a tactic got from testing directly in the post. For all Knap tactics this has been done and its so nice for people browsing through the resources tab to give you a quick idea about the tested tactic. Its so nice...