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Recent content by MaxKingTV

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    Mighty Magyars 3-2-3-2

    Any results?
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    Ragnicks Red's 4-2-2-2

    even with locking stats and removing injuries no way he scores 3 goals a game
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    Ragnicks Red's 4-2-2-2

    172 goals in 61 game swith ronaldo? yeah this doesnt seem legit im sorr
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    433 andreestalinho

    Are you really to dumb to make screenshots in the year 2021 but can pull out such an amazing tactic? wtf nice tactic bro but literally google it for 5 secs
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    Bro why last tactic? I love your tactics so much
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    Leonardo Semplici's 3-4-2-1

    any results you might want to share?
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    I think this is an amazing tactic but isn't this only a super slightly tweaked zaz 3.0? I can literally only spot 3 things diffrent: Right-winger changed to Winger from Defensive Winger, which on its own is already a nonfactor change, Fullbacks distribute and wingers stopped from crossing from...
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    NewGAN Facepack

    Now it worked for me i just tried everythign again, but not every face got chagned. Only maybe every 2 faces or sth no idea why
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    NewGAN Facepack

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    Peter Bosz's Leverkusen

    Could you share some results?
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    Where's Knap gone ?

    I completely support this decision but its kinda sad Knap and TFF* are now both banned (completely their own fault i know) from this site, i guess we need a newcomer genius of some sort to compete now!
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    I will try it but ill need a while to test it
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    TK2000's Wide Man Gets Big

    I need a mirror of this, I have wamangituka which should fit that wtm role perfectly
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    3-2-5 Hexagonal Attack

    did you test this? if yes upload some screenshots please
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    DD2021RM v2.0 (Realism Mod) Now 1920x1080

    would it be possible to make a version that keeps the CA and stats visible but just hides the PA. PA is what bothers me and makes this game unrealistic for me but I don't want to play without CA and attributes :(