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    Theory on Youth academy arrivals

    So I've got a new theory, it might just be luck but it's a theory nonetheless. The theory is that the more you play "grey" HG players (ie straight out of the academy), the more the game is likely to give you better HG players coming through your own academy. The save I'm currently doing is...
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    Wonderkid battle

    Who will turn out better in their peak? So, I'm bored of the usual suspects as wonderkids and have decided to go out of my way and give some heavy emphasis on personal training, tutoring, individual focus and extra game time to two lesser known, or less main stream wonderkids on the game, both...
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    Creating a goal scoring CM - help needed

    Hi members, So I've got a tactic with only one forward and one inside forward and a winger who creates assists but doesn't score enough. I've decided I need another goal scorer in the team without changing the shape and so brought in Hamsik with Joe McKee as his understudy. McKee has so far...
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    Luke James - Wonderkid?

    Well here's a player who I picked up for Liverpool, screenshot you'll see further down is at the end of the first season and he seems to be developing nicely. Not sure whether he is a wonderkid yet but he is going in the right direction. I'd be interested to know if anyone has some success with...
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    Two thread requests

    Hi all, dunno if these exist but would be interested in finding them if there are any links: Link for a database where the 20 most reputable / biggest clubs are playing in the same league together A list of the best free transfers for Thanks in advance for any help...
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    Kevin Stöger - Stuttgart

    Name: Kevin Stöger Club: Stuttgart D.O.B: 27/08/1993 (17 years old) Nationality: Austrian Position: Midfielder Strengths: [*=center]Crossing [*=center]Dribbling [*=center]Passing [*=center]Technique [*=center]Creativity [*=center]Flair [*=center]Off the ball...
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    Buying you know who on FM 12 - the proof.

    Just to confirm, and to let you know it is totally pointless considering how much and the fact he is 29... IT IS POSSIBLE: I know what you're thinking. Yeah right, no way any club can afford that from a transfer budget: This is not a cheat. It is ridiculous though and IMO not worth it. I...
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    FM 12 - Update patch released

    Hi all, well I imagine that if anyone has started a new game on steam lately, you'll see that the update patch is out. Haven't seen a thread on this yet but I was a tad gutted starting up a new game with Spurs only to see that there is ****** Ryan Nelsen and Louis Saha in my team. Will have a...
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    Xavi experts, need a hand

    Ok, I know that there are countless people who are experts on getting Xavi up to 3 million passes and 98% success rate (ok exagerating a tad) a game, and basically, it is exactly what I am looking to get out of Faurlin for QPR. The tactics I have are working quite well for the rest of the team...
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    Possible to turn off work permits?

    Hi all, I am a total noob with FMRTE, am looking for a way to turn off work permits for all countries for a challenge that I have thought up, anyone know how?
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    Tactical help required - countering PPMS + exploiting player weaknesses

    Hi all, So far as I know, for the last three versions of FM at least, I have seen no definitive guide on this, and despite having treble winning teams, during my fm years, I have never really been sure I have this part of the game correct. Every pre-match prep I take a look at the opposition...
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    Your worst ever defeat while playing seriously

    Hi all, well it's all in the title really, seen this thread for FM11 but there appears to be none yet for FM12. Sadly just had mine, A 3rd round cup defeat with Liverpool against Crawley. Didn't exactly put out my first team, but definitely put out a team good enough to get the job done! Post...
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    Paolo Beatrizzotti - Weird player

    Name: Paolo Beatrozzotti Age: 19 (at start of game) Best position: Advanced playmaker attack/ support / Deep lying playmaker support/ defend Really don't know what to think of this player, for his age, his technical and mental stats are pretty exceptional... You will see the main problem...
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    tactical question in a winger tactic.

    Just concerning tactics I had been working on for a while with Stoke. A few seasons in now but basically like in real life, still relying largely on my best players who are on the wings. Just finished sixth so not exactly struggling but to be honest by the time I'm in a third season, I am used...
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    Mccollio09's definitive English Wonderkids shortlist

    Hi all, this is something I did for last years edition and something I have just completed today. You will find attached all the English wonderkids and potential wonderkids in one downloadable shortlist file in the attachment. Technical Info: To have access to it, you will need to save it in...