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    Sir Bobby Robson got Bruce Sunderland job?

    Interesting read... Link Excellent north-east footballing man. One of the best moments of my life was being part of 2,000 Sunderland fans singing 'There's only one Bobby Robson' away at Celtic just a few days after he passed.
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    As the name says, Simplicity'11 is a simple but effective facepack which works with both high quality and low quality photos. Like them? Want to help out? Download Template + Action File Download Presentation Template A full set of Premier League faces, including a minimum of two staff...
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    Goalkeeper scores from a corner.

    Oh no! At least it was only a friendly... But look how it finished aswell, he saved the penalty!
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    Graphics For Tratus' Star Wars Database

    Here is the link to the thread in the editing forums. The kits sponsors and symbols etc. are being requested by Tratus and I'm making them Enjoy and please download the DB!!! Note: The IMMENSE league logos were created by Caspian_Rho. A lot of thanks goes to him for his help...
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    I'm Making a Premier League Fantasy Pack...

    ... but I don't know which makes and sponsors to use so I am asking for requests please. If people could fill out this for whatever team please, it'd be a great help. Team: Sponsor: Maunfacturer: Away colours: Third colours: Home kits will all be what you would expect for each team...
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    New scotland kits?

    Has anybody made these in LS? If so, can somebody direct me to them?
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    Can somebody tell me the size of...

    international teams small badges please.
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    My Story, My Dream, My Club. *The Season Begins!*

    Breaking News quote Georgie Thompson I've been living in the shadow of my uncle for far too long now. For once I want to be the one grabbing the headlines, one night as I lay in my bed I thought 'I love football, I love Africa and I have Money'. So I proposed a continental team to...
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    World Cup Sleeve Logos

    Could anybody direct me in the right direction? Cheers in advance.
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    Best African Youngsters

    Could sombody please tell me who the best African youngsters are on the game? I'm setting up a game with a team called the 'African Allstars' in the Prem and need some sort of reserve squad. Thank you.
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    African Allstars Club Team Badge Request

    I'm going to make a Premier League Team called African Allstars and was wondering if somebody could make a badge,. Possibly use this or or possibly even this and just write African allstars on/around it. Cheers in advance.
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    IDEA - African Allstars in the Premier League

    Had an idea that I'd put together a team of the best African players and put them into the Premier League. I would then ask somebody to design a badge and I would make some kits out of it. Would anyone else be interested in this?
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    andymcg44's SS and LS Kit Request Shop (No Minimum Post Requirement)

    Basically, I just want to make kits so anybody of any post count can request a kit. Please follow the template. If you are unsure of a Unique ID, please use this thread Template: Team: Unique ID: Home Kit Colours & Design: Away Kit Colours & Design: Third Kit Colours & Design: Brand...
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    Problem with created club logo

    Had a club logo made by thetrend77 and I can get it in the game but the default colour of my team for some reason is green and black, any idea how to change this? Thanks very much AndyMcG44
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    Custom Club Logo Request

    Just made a team and want it to be called McGovern United. If somebody could use the family crest http://www.kelly-mcgovern.us/images/mcgovern.gif And write McGovern United around it with football either side or something, it would be much appreciated. Cheers. AndyMcG44