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Recent content by Mith

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    Update 10.3 install location??? (mac)

    Hi, I recently downloaded the 10.3 update for fm 2010 on my mac, but it doesnt seem to be installing properly, i remember i had a similar problem on fm 09 but i fixed it by installing it to a specific location. Is there a specific place to install the update on fm 2010?? I really need help as...
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    Tall striker needed! With good heading!!

    Hi guys I posted this on the "looking for a player thread" but i received no reply, so I ask you now...does anyone know of a tall, strong striker for my league one team!? must have good heading attributes so that he can support my quick striker!! please help. peace.
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    How to play possession football??

    Hi I am wondering what tactics to use if you want to play possession style football, say in the style of arsenal? lol much love
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    Arshavin Player Face??? Help please?!

    Hi, I've been pretty desperate to get hold of arsenal's arshavin player face for some time now (in his arsenal kit preferably). Could someone please direct me to an appropriate facepack or create it for me? it's been bugging me lol Thanks in advance. Much Love
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    making an offer bug...HELP!!

    hi guys im new the the fm thing got fm 09 but i have a problem, every time i attempt to "make offer" on a player (any player) i get the message "submit offer for -player name- ?" then I have no yes or no buttons to reply with! which means i can't make offers for anyone and bring in new players...