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    Appearance Fee Offset Wage

    Been a minute since I have asked a question on here! Listening to a recent football podcast the host mentioned appearance fees sometimes accounting for a large portion of player salaries. Does anyone do this in FM? Say you offer the player lowered wages but considerably higher appearance fee...
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    Fisherman (my youtube channel)

    Hey guys, I don't post much anymore, just lurk a lot. I just wanted to share my youtube channel for any of y'all who like fishing. I know bass fishing is growing quickly in Europe and that's what I mostly do from my kayak. I've only got a couple of videos up but am planning more. Let me know...
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    Passing sliders

    I havent played in a few years and now have the touch version. Are the old sliders completely gone now? Also will adding individual instructions to a role increase the time it takes for a player to adapt to it as opposed to using default instructions? I want to run a 4 3 2 1 with 5...
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    Total War Rome 2

    Steam Sale 50% off. Has the game improved enough to warrant a purchase?
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    Steam Sale

    Finally a steam sale (50% off) on this game. I haven't played since FM12. Is 14 worth the plunge?
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    Sports Management Degree

    Just curious if anyone has a BA/BS or MA in Sports Management? I'm looking at going into a MA program and thought why not ask this forum (I don't think that FM playing guy who works for Baku FC posts here)
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    PES 2014

    Just picked it up for PC... and I'm REALLY enjoying it. Has the atmosphere of the early days, improved physics, better graphics...have yet to find much to complain about except the menus are slow to browse through and the player faces are horrible
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    Weeding out Youth Squad

    Does anyone know if "weeding" out your youth team will produce better regens? I'm RC Strasbourg in first season and in 3rd league with Average youth facilities and recruitment. I made the point of releasing all of my youth players (who were garbage) leaving the squad full of greyed out...
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    Anyone seen this before re: youth

    Ive done many french saves in Fm12 and ive read many people complain about clairefontaine and paris ootball academy (cffp) never producing regens. Im in first season in 3rd league of france and in my first youth intake i produced a 4 1/2 star lige 1 quality striker who shows in his history...
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    Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack

    2 dead and approximately 100 injured in 2 bombings 100 yards and 15 seconds apart at the finish line. 3rd explosive was detonated soon after by authorities. Civilians and first responders rushed to victims while many marathon runners continued past the finish line to the nearest hospital in...
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    Swapping Central Defenders

    Are there any positives to swapping your central defenders? I like finding little key things that make a tactic that much more effective. Was thinking that perhaps swapping defenders will encourage them to cover space left by the other and prevent the opposition from picking on one side of the...
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    Creating Uniform Combinations-Help

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up my team with two different shorts options. One blue and one white for both the home and away. I've done it before, but I don't remember how to now. I know it has something to do with the "Alternative jersey number" field. The default for all options is zero...
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    Ellie Goulding

    I'm in love with her. Absolutely beautiful voice, girl next door looks, and good lyrics. Anyone else?
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    PlanetSide 2

    Anyone play this? Just re-discovered this (I played a few minutes of early planetside 1) So much like Tribes 2 and WW2 Online. Struggling right now on picking a class to stick as.
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    Consolidating U19 and Reserves

    Has anyone only accepted invitations to play in a Reserves league and moved all U19 player to the reserve team? Will this save any money or improve the reputation of my youth?