May 27, 2009
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Are there any positives to swapping your central defenders?

I like finding little key things that make a tactic that much more effective.

Was thinking that perhaps swapping defenders will encourage them to cover space left by the other and prevent the opposition from picking on one side of the defense.

The downfall is that your players could swap at bad times (although I imagine teamwork and decision making would prevent this).

Any thoughts?
I don't think swapping works dynamically, as in, during play. At a break in play, the players will swap positions. I.E. during a throw, or after a foul, or something like that. They won't swap during play. Hope that makes sense.

I used to watch for position swapping by the AI squad and swap my DC's to match them. This was back when I was managing Chelsea and Terry was a monster defender but soooo slow. So I tried to protect him by moving around to the player who was slower or was dropping deeper. As far as setting the instruction for the DC's to swap, I can't see any positive bonus.