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    FME Zealand Skin

    Loving this skin so far, just need one more thing to make the skin perfect. Some skins I used on FM21 had widgets in the match view that remainded me of same older FM's when they had Split View. Something like this. Would love to see that feature included in next version. When I have some big...
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    Bulls are coming

    The first half of the season is behind us. At least in calendar. Looking at the number of games we played, we went over half. Of the 36 we have to play overall in the HT Prva HNL season, 21 are behind us. Analyzing each match individually, the conclusion would be that we could’ve done better...
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    Bulls are coming

    It’s been a while since I wrote my last serious FM career. I used to write this type of content really often. Last year, there were attempts to write new careers, but because of the lack of time, it took a short time. Why HNK Gorica? There’s no need to write much about it. I would like...
  4. HNK Gorica – Club Recommendation

    FM20 HNK Gorica – Club Recommendation

    HNK Gorica (eng. Croatian Football Club Gorica) was the biggest surprise of last season’s edition of the HT Prva HNL. In their first season ever in the highest football division in Croatia, they managed to finish as fifth on the table, just behind the much more prominent and richer Dinamo...
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    Exclusive'10™ MEGAPACK 2.0 - OUT NOW [12/8/2016]

    Season 2016/17 Exclusive '10 is an "action facepack" which is made by the Cro-Manager community since 2009. Up until now it has only been available for the members of the Cro-Manager GFX team, but this year EVERYONE can contribute to the process of creating facepacks. Instructions for making the...
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    Exclusive'10™ MEGAPACK v1.1

    Cro-Manager presents the first part of the Exclusive'10 facepacks for the 2015/16. season.This pack contains 3207 pictures from seven different leagues: Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, MaxTV Prva HNL i Prva Liga Telekom Slovenije. You can either download the entire megapack...
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    Cro-Manager Coaching Star Calculator is introducing you a Cro-Manager Coaching Star Calculator. What is it? If you've ever wondered how on the basis of the attributes calculate the number of stars he has for each part of the training, this is the right thing for you. Just enter trainers attributes. For example...
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    Croatian Lower Leagues ( proudly presents the most comprehensive product of our Research Team! cro-update Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 | Screenshot 4 What this add brings? - all leagues and clubs from Croatia - more than 70 competitons and 900 clubs have been created -...
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    CM13 Logos []

    In-game screenshot: FM 2013 | FM 2013 Dark Competitions: -Africa - Preview -Asia & Oceania - Preview -Europe - Preview -North America - Preview -South America - Preview Nations: -Africa - Preview -Asia - Preview -Europe - Preview -North America - Preview -Oceania - Preview -South America -...
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    FIFA Champions League

    Download link: FIFA Champions League - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats Champions League 64 structure: First Preliminary Round - 56 matches (112 teams starts at this stage) Second Preliminary Round - 80 matches (104 teams starts at this stage + 56 from First...
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    Exclusive'10™ []

    Talents Megapack 2012./2013. Free Players Megapack 2012./13. Premiership - Preview Bundesliga - Preview 1. HNL - Preview Serie A - Preview Primera Division - Preview Ligue 1 - Preview Prem'er - Preview Eredivisie - Preview Liga ZON Sagres - Preview Jupiler League -...
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    pato12 facepack

    pato12 Facepack InGame 1 InGame 2 InGame 3 Plan completion: October / November Author: pato007 Dimensions: 260x310 Anyone wanting to help in making a Facepack be told in this thread or via private message. Since this is posted on several forums by those who wish to participate in this...
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    Panels Looking

    i looking panels for this FP
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    Panels Help