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Recent content by naff123

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    Snowdown & Aylesham C.W.F.C - Balljacker

    Terry Tibbs - Balljacker First story I've done in 3 years first game I've bought since 14. So Terry Tibbs has had enough and got bored of selling dodgy ford escorts and has decided to plough his apprently legitamate money in reviving an old south Kent side Snowdown & Aylesham C.W.F.C who...
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    Online Game?

    Hi new to Online play I want to put my Championship Topping team to the test as I have beaten top teams (in 4th season with Barnet) so about to go into the EPL Add my Steam naff123
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    Training camps

    Evening all so just stumbled across at the start just before pre-season my board have sent my Team (Barnet) to a training camp in London. What does this do to the players development and how do I in the future organize this??? As I have never seen this before and I am already into my 4th season
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    The Best of British

    Afternoon guys. Best of British Right its time to make a real challenge here I am taking one of the worst clubs in the professional tiers of english football Barnet I am using Barnet as a start up marker to start going places I have habits to spend loads expecting to win win win so I spend...
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    Director of Football

    Alrite all So I just got a Director of Football in Dover Athletic, What traits do I need to look out for when taking one on? and what are their purpose in the game?? May sound dumb but I just want to get my facts straight
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    Stupid Visa's And Potential Solution Idea's?

    Right Started FM13 must say I love the new Game Engine e.t.c. but one thing which is the Bane of my Managerial career is Visa's for American and Canadian players seem impossible to obtain! I feel that SI could of solved this because someone may be Canadian but already residing in the UK i.e...
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    Kits Config.xml??

    where can i get one so i can physically upload the kits to the database? I have done the whole preference's caché thing But what do i do to physically upload the file into my game so i can have my custom kit on my soon to be Premier League Ramsgate Squad Does the png file need to have the...
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    My First Ever Kit Set

    Hey guys just read that amazing tutorial for photoshop just made my own custom kit for my ramsgate team Any positive criticism would be fantastic! :) in the process of making a away and third kit how do you import them into the game ???
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    Ramsgate FC

    Hey guys new to the Forum's Downloaded tactics e.t.c from FM10 days and so on so thought i should join instead of mooch So the team im trying to get to the EPL is Ramsgate Football Club i am currently Joint Top of The Ryman League Division 1 South with 2 games in hand over Sittingbourne just...