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    After random reinstall of game I can't load most recent save

    As above, for some reason I couldn't open Fm18 then it told me I had to reinstall the game. I done this, then tried to load my most recent save and it wouldn't load. I also went into the load game section and tried selecting it from there and still no joy. The other saves work but it's the most...
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    tac files not showing up in fm18

    Any reason why the tac files arent showing up in the fm18 tactics. Only shwoing my saved tactic which is a fmf file. Thanks
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    Nations not showing on nation selection page

    I am trying to start a new save and Italy and France aren't showing up on the selection of nations. Any reason why?
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    Fm17 randomly uninstalled....

    So I go too start up fm and it says it needs too install again via steam even though it was still on computer. After install I lost my most recent save and can't load it back up. Any reason why that is? I can load up 4 other previous saves. Any way too get that file back?
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    Anyone had similar with a certain D.Studge?

    Just finished my first season as Liverpool and Sturridge has had his second hip injury in the space of 6 months and is now considering retiring due too the recurring injury. Anyone else had such bad luck or is this how realistic FM has become now! :P
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    game running slow?

    Is it just me or does the game get slower the longer into the save it gets? I'm in 2019 and the speed of the game has drastically decreased, mainly during the news feed section. Anything too help speed it up?
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    Roma start of 3rd season improvements.

    I finished 2nd in both seasons so looking for that extra bit of quality too win serie a. I have 37 million too spend. Have just purchased Tevez, Bernard who replaced an unhappy Depay, Romero, Rafinha and De Sciglio Gk- perin, skorupki RB- Dani Alves, maicon LB- holebas, De Sciglio CB- manolas...
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    Cheapest place too buy FM15?

    My brother is after FM15 for Christmas and wants too get the fm bug haha! Wheres the cheapest any of you have seen it? Cheers
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    News feed not showing all items!?

    It says I have 11 or so unread messages and it doesn't show them all up. Only shows about 2 or 3 up. Missed the whole pre season news and it still playing up. Any ideas why?
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    No database option when starting new game!?

    I want too add say for example Odegaard or a transfer update too a new save but after clicking football manager it goes straight into the countries page whereas usually it will come up with a pop up it the database options, ie version 15.0 and the custom database etc. Any reason why this...
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    sacked for squad harmony!?

    Be aware guys, I got sacked by liverpool as the board warned me about valdes being unhappy and that I wouldn't sell him. Tried to sell him but as it was out of window I had no chance. He wanted me too bring in a Spanish player but still wasn't in a transfer window. I think it's very harsh that...
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    bought full game but still says playing beta?

    Hi there. As above really, I installed steam again on my laptop as i couldn't install the full game with the disc. Thought I was playing the full game but can see the little note about beta version on bottom left screen. Any idea why? Will I have too put the disc into the reader every time...
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    Who too sign for Liverpool 2nd season.

    My team is as follows.... gk- mignolet, oblak rb- Johnson, peruzzi, flanagan lb- Rodriguez, enrique cb- sakho, skrtel, Agger, caulker cm- Romero, Gerrard, Henderson, Allen, kovacic am- sterling, lallana, coutinho st- Suarez, Sturridge, borini, batshuayi. I play the pure insanity formation so...
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    Barkley or Quintero for Southampton

    As above, I'm in my second season with Southampton and looking too bring in an attacking central mid, have had bids accepted for just under 20 mil for both but unsure who too go for? Who turns out better? Quintero looks like the finished article so far...
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    New CM for LFC 3rd season

    Just starting my third season, i have Gerrard, Verratti, Henderson, Matic and Hughes. Am looking for someone too play alongside Verratti mainly. Have had a 11mil bid accepted for Sven Bender and a 10mil bid for Grenier accepted. Is Sven Bender really that good as he only has 2 and a half...