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    Football Manager 2011 for the iPod touch and iPhone is out

    The second Football Manager game for iPod Touch, iPhone and now iPad is out in the App Store as of last night I think. fairly pricey for an App at £6.99 but i still bought it, i most likely won't play it much but oh well will use up time on journeys. First impresions are it hasn't changed much...
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    Kit making tutorial with Photoshop

    Please CLICK HERE to see a kit-making tutorial video made by Dec. What you need Photoshop Kit template - Get them from Stuw's thread here Tutorial 1. Extract your template folder using winRAR or another extracting software 2. Open photoshop, it should look like this after its...
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    How to Join/Host a network game.

    The easiest way to connect to another computer is using Hamachi Download here The Host and people joining must have the same patch Once you've downloaded hamachi and installed it, open it up and should look like this : To create a network for other to join click the network tab And...
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    Neall's Training

    DOWNLOAD This is my first Training Schedules of Football Manager 2011, they work best as medium workload. EXTRACT TO FOLDER "My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>Schedules" IF there is NO schedules folder just simply make one The Individual Schedules are as follows with an...
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    FM-Base Elite (PS3 team!) Pro Club

    Hello alot of you may know you can play in a club for the fifa, well this is your chance to play with "clubs" with other people from base against the rest of the world, the team FM-Base Elite is originally an xbox pro club but i have had permission to make it on the ps3...
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    hey guys :D

    hello i have never introduced my self so here it is :D I am Neall, used to be Neall MFC, im 15, english, but have lived in dunfermline in scotland for 14 years or something so i sound scottish, was born in Birmingham, dads from boro which explains why i support them, brothers support...
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    What Operating System do you use?

    simple really, just vote which operating system you use :D, select multiple if you dual boot, or have 2 or more computers. I use Windows 7 on my main computer then i have Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my old laptop :D
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    bankrupt question

    in fm can teams become extinct? such as gretna, i have seen alot of teams in recievership, but they always come out of it ?
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    Kris Boyd signs a two year deal at Middlesbrough

    confirmed on sky sports recently,19528,11781_6244251,00.html What are your thoughts about this. :D:D:D:D:D Just needs to pass a medical then he's here :)
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    Help with National team kits, Config

    i have made the new england kits and i made a config using fm graphics guru with the ID (765) but they dont show up on game?? so is their a differant code i have to write out for national teams?
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    The Player thread

    Im making this thread to try and stop the amount of random threads that tell you about a player and how good they have been etc. This thread is where you should post all you players that you want to recommend for other people. Please no regens!
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    Fulham vs Atletico Madrid Thread, First ever Europa League Final

    Kick Off at 19:45 on channel 5 ( Britain) the first ever europa league final will be played in Hamburg tonight, with Fulham against Atletico Madrid. Discuss the match as it happens here
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    Help Needed for my database

    as you may know i have decided to make a 2002-03 database, but i need a few people to help me with some information. if you have Championship Manager 4 could you help me, must be dedicated as it will take a while to get stats etc, just to save me going out and buying it
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    The 2002/03 Database is in Progress! read more

    Click here for Arsenal and Aston Villa file!!! Ok i need 3 testers that i will send a link to the file after every milestone, such as league changes etc pm me if you want to be considered! yeah thats right i have started making the most wanted database on this site (i think (A)) this...
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    Neall and Nicks Database challenge!

    Well Done to Carine, you have won this week, closely followed by King Eric, This was a tough decision as their was not one disapointing database they where all great! New challenge to come soon, watch out for it and goodluck for next time! the challenge...