Kit making tutorial with Photoshop


Nov 4, 2009
Please CLICK HERE to see a kit-making tutorial video made by Dec.

What you need


Kit template - Get them from Stuw's thread here


1. Extract your template folder using winRAR or another extracting software

2. Open photoshop, it should look like this after its opened. View attachment 116126
It may look slightly different depending on your version of photoshop.

3. Open a kit template by File > Open then locate your template folder, click on the brand you want, then open the .psd file, it should look something like this View attachment 116127

4. Your Photoshop window should look like this View attachment 116129

5. To choose the template you wish to use, click on the eye logo next to the template number View attachment 116130

6. Once you have chosen your template go to the bottom of the list and there should be a layer called base or colour, something along tose lines, well double click this layer and click colour overlay View attachment 116131

7. Double click on the coloured square and now you can choose your colour View attachment 116132

8. Now scroll back up and do the colour overlay with the layers in the template folder.
View attachment 116134

9. Once you have done that its time to insert logos, Google the club name and you should find a logo easily, right click on it copy, then paste it into photoshop.
View attachment 116135 make sure the badge is below the texture layer or it will look ugly.

10. To get rid of the white around white around the logo, we use a tool called the magic wand View attachment 116136 Click this logo

11. Now, click on the white bits you want to get rid of, and press backspace <--

12. Press and hole Ctrl+T and it should bring up a "resizer" square around your badge, Hold Shift and drag a corner until its a decent size.

13. Press View attachment 116137 that allows you to move a layer, now move your logo into position. View attachment 116141

14. Now we need a sponser, Google for the sponser company and get the logo, and do the same as before, magic wand the white bits away, ctrl+T to resize then move it into position.

15. use colour overlay to change the sponser colour.

16.View attachment 116142 now save the file as.png
View attachment 116143

If you want to resize to use in game, click image, image size View attachment 116144 the size varies for different template, but 200x200

Post your results !:D
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Luke Phillips

Jan 7, 2010
How do you resize a kit so that it works in game ?
Might be worth adding that to the tutorial.

Very good tutorial, well done mate !


Oct 26, 2010
Thanks for this I was planning to try and make some and this has just managed to get me right into it :D Thanks


Nov 23, 2009
Don't understand how to resize the logo. Copy and pasted it into the same PS document as the kit, used magic wand to get rid of the white bits, then CTRL+ T and SHIFT, but when I drag the corner down it just drags an empty box and the logo doesn't change?

EDIT: Got it another way.

Another thing, how do I change the sponsor? So if I want to put in an 02 sponsor for example, how do I change just the 02 and not the background?
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19th Title Here we Come
Apr 10, 2009
What i do is save the logo to your desktop then press file-open then select ur logo or watever than it comes up press CTRL + A then CTRL+V THEN CTRL+C TO RESIZE than press ENTER then press CTRL+T TO MOVE IT!