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Recent content by Niall

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    FFP Comes Into Action - Prize Money Withheld from 23 Clubs

    The first steps towards the implementation of UEFA's Financial Fair Play policy were taken today as prize money is being temporarily withheld from 23 clubs. Source: Prize money for 23 clubs withheld ? UEFA.com "The UEFA Club Financial Control Body's (CFCB) investigatory chamber, chaired by...
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    Football Memorabilia

    I'm looking to buy my Dad some football memorabilia like a signed shirt etc. for his birthday but I've never bought something like this before so I'm quite wary about buying a fake. Could anybody recommend any football memorabilia shops/websites which you have purchased stuff from?
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    KoTW Week 10 Voting

    KoTW Week 10 Voting Please Vote for your favourite kits. No voting for your own kits please! Sorry to be a mod wannabe but in the future can people please make sure that kits are resized to 250 x 250px :) Mike Pistolped7 Malarkey rossdallas98 Calum Kevnaylor chubb23...
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    Niall's West Ham Guide

    Niall's West Ham Guide Background and History West Ham United play in the English Premier Division and are based in East London. They were founded in 1895 and settled at their current stadium, Upton Park in 1904. West Ham have had some success, but not a great...
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    100 Best Players in the World

    FourFourTwo magazine have released their annual list of the best 100 players in the World so I thought I would post it up here so people can have a look and discuss whether they think some players should be higher or lower on the list and some players who have missed out on the list altogether...
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    The Greatest Moments in Football

    We have the saddest moments thread, so I thought lets have a happy moments thread as well, we are discussing the beautiful game so post anything which has happened in football which you think was really great (besides your team winning the league etc.) Apologies if it's a duplicate thread, I...
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    Wasted Talent

    Just found this article on players who were wasted talents, those who could have been greats of the game; http://msn.football365.com/story/0,17033,8750_6441275,00.html For those of you who can't be bothered to read the article I'll give you the run down; 10. Ryan Green 9. Joe Cole 8. Robin...
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    Roberto Baggio Magical Kicks

    Just in case there are people who have never played it, or those who simply want to reminise. Probably the greatest and most addictive internet football game ever. http://arcades247.com/play-20515-Roberto_Baggio_Magical_Kicks.html
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    Best Youth Academies

    Due to the amount of threads asking where to find regens, which clubs have the best youth academies etc I have made a list of the clubs which have the best youth academies on FM10. All youth academies are rated 19 out of 20 at least. Don't forget to take into account your database size/leagues...
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    Most appearances

    Just a thread to see what the highest number of appearances people have managed to get for a single player in their team. Saw a similar thread (The 1000 appearance challenge) on sortitoutsi so thought I would see if anybody has managed to get 1000 appearances for a player or anywhere close...
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    What is everyone's favourite thing to have for breakfast? I'm a toast man myself, though recently I have had a bit of a dabble in toasted muffins and they are a bit of a treat. I know lots of people who have breakfast cereal, which I do not understand, I like to start my day with something...
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    4-3-3 Dundee Utd

    This is my fourth tactic I have used in my Dundee United save and the third 4-3-3 tactic I have made, I find that this one works by far the best, dominating the midfield with a 3 compact central midfielders who preferrably are all good all-round , using this tight approach in midfield allows the...
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    Does anybody else ...

    Does anybody else put on a suit and tie whenever they're watching a cup final. I did it the first time I got Dundee Utd to the European Cup final (Lost 2-1 to Juve) and it felt ruddy fantastic so I've started doing it for all the finals now. If you don't do it yourself, give it a go, it's a treat.