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    3-5-2 is the best formation in this game (for all teams)

    can you upload your tactic? I want to try it for my new game
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    Jesaustralia - FM13 Tactics Found!

    Thank you so much. Hope you perk up soon.
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    Koen - Fast, Fluid, 4-4-2 Beast. [Classic]

    thank you for this tactic. some links in forum dead
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    More attacking, more goal

    hello everybody, I'm not very good at English, sorry This my best tactic I've ever created this tactic have conner bug(I love this cheat), sorry everybody, if you don't like that, please change it for your game I don't care about "pitch size" because I'm not sure about that, maybe " standard"...
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    More attacking, more goal

    sorry every body, i have some problem with my pc I've created new threat. Please close this. thanks