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Recent content by oggie456

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    custom database

    im planning to create 2 leagues a premiership and a league 1 and the teams will be made up of the 40 most reputable teams ( 20 in each league) and i was wondering if anyone would download
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    ast manager

    hi i need a good assistant manager for spurs any ideas??
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    black horse

    who is your surprise package with a chance of winning the champions league
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    lower league to prem

    the challenge is taking over any league 2 team and guiding them to the prem and staying up in 5 season points are awarded by leauge position league 2 winner-45 promotion-40 playoff-35 league 1 winner-55 promotion-50 playoff-45 championship winner-65 promotion-60 playoff-55 prem 17th-65...
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    just got told by arsene wenger that my team would benefit if we shot more instead of trying tp pass it into the net. ( bit hypocritical) whats the strangest thing thats happened to you on fm
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    fifa manager 11

    my m8 has been bugging me fr weeks to play fifa manager so i decided to give it a go and i have to say it was absolutely terrible :p sorry had to be said :L i have now forced him to play fm and guess what he loves it. (thats a suprise) :L
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    what would your ultimate team be

    a thread so people can compare their dream teams/formations :D
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    man utd-creative midfielder

    young creative midfielder needed, in first season and have a budget of 35mil
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    underated players

    hi i was wandering if there was a database with ca/pa updates as so many players like bale and hernandez are so underrated
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    man utd dream team

    does anyone know if there is a man utd dream team database?
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    legends database

    hey guys i cant seem to find a legends database as it wont let me download it from fm games could anyone help me out???