fifa manager 11


Apr 15, 2009
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my m8 has been bugging me fr weeks to play fifa manager so i decided to give it a go and i have to say it was absolutely terrible :p

sorry had to be said :L

i have now forced him to play fm and guess what he loves it. (thats a suprise) :L
I thought it looked really good, is it really that bad?
I thought it looked really good, is it really that bad?

yeah the personal life thing is pretty cool but it just lacks so much depth, like with tactics there are less options and the scouting system is just plain poor
only own one Fifa manager and thats fifa manager 2009 since it came out and think Ive played it about twice lol its terrible isnt in Football Managers league
yeah pretty poor really. personnaly i think they should just give fm there 3d match engine and then call it a day XD
I find fifa manager frustrating because it could be so much better, I think they have the right idea with stadiums, personal life and so on but they just cant seem to execute the managing side. You would expect with EA Sports backing it has so much potential to be better than it is. I just wonder if they put as much effort into fifa manager as they do with fifa then perhaps one day football manager might have some competition but until then football manager will continue to dominate the management genre for many years to come.

On other topic bring back LMA Manager