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    Quick question...

    If the demo runs fairly well on my laptop, will that mean the full game will be ok?
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    Need people's help please!!

    Hi, I have bought fm17 and started playing on my current laptop which has proven to be very slow and laggy which is understandable as its getting old. So i was just wondering if anyone has any tips or can suggest a new laptop to buy? My budget is no more than £600, but it doesn't have to be...
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    Please anyone?

    Bored and wanna make a new network game, dont care what league or anything just add me on steam olifreed and we can discuss!
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    1v1 prem game!

    Is anybody interested in having a 1 on 1 game with me? it should be fun as its head to head and should run smoothly looking for someone dedicated and wont give up after losing 2 in a row if interested add my steam - olifreed
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    Olifreed's BAP follow your career the game!

    Olifreed's Be A Pro On this thread I will be posting seasonal updates on each of the participants who signed up HERE. Every player is 15 or 16 as birth year is 1995 and i shall try and follow the whole career of everyone. The players: This first update of meeting the players has been done at...
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    Olifreed's BAP follow your career sign up!

    Hello and welcome to the sign up thread for my BAP game I havefound this game very interesting and thought i would enjoy making my own and doing it all. I am looking for 10 players to begin this game To sign up just complete the template below with the required information. The idea of this...
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    Can anyone give me some tips on how to make a BAP game, because i want to start one. any help would be nice please. Thankl
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    EPL game

    i am looking for 2 more people to be in a network game using QPR, Norwich, Swansea and Wigan you have to be able to play most days and be dedicated Hamachi ID: premgame12345 Password:12345 looking to start ASAP
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    Players for Barnet

    Im Barnet and my budget is rubbish, so does any1 know who i can buy??
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    Ball winning midifieler - newcastle 2011 july

    i need one of these for the upcoming season in my newcastle game does any1 have any good players i can get?
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    Be A Pro

    can someone please tell me how you do a be a pro game because i really want to do one and also could somebody explain to me how it works, thanks
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    Neymar-Good or Bad?

    Just got Neymar for burnley, is that a good or bad player to buy for me? Im also in prem second season and his wages are 54 grand a week. I've done this again because the other one got closed.
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    Burnley 11/12 season, need some decent player for prem

    just got promoted to prem with burnley and i cant find any good players to help me stay up, does anybody have any good recommendations to buy to help me
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    New EPL network game - must be dedicated but dont have to be on a lot

    im looking to start a network game in the prem at about 11pm in england anyone can join, should be playing most days hamachi id: FmFmFm11 password:12345 looking forward to playing with u soon
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    Network game today at 3!

    i am going to start a network game in the premiership anyone can join but you cant pick a top 6 team ( man u, chelsea, city, arsenal, spurs or liverpool) hamachi id:premlge pass:1234 join if interested it will START AT 3PM!