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May 27, 2011
Olifreed's Be A Pro
On this thread I will be posting seasonal updates on
each of the participants
who signed up HERE.

Every player is 15 or 16 as birth year is 1995 and i shall try and follow the whole career of everyone.

The players:

This first update of meeting the players has been done at the end of the first transfer window so u can see if you have already been signed or not..

Name: Dylan Dibbert, Striker
Dylan had major interest from several clubs but Wolves were the team to get his signature and on his league debut scored a goal to help his team win. He was also involved in the England U20 world cup win. His value is 5m.

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Name: James Harris, DL
As well as his England team mate, Dylan, James was also involved in the U20 world cup win. James was eventually signed by Aston Villa, but at the beginning of August he picked up an injury that has ruled him out for 4 weeks. His value is 4.2m
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Name: Michael Dale, MC/AMC
Michael had a bit of interest from a few clubs in Scotland and England but eventually went for a short trial at Celtic before signing for them. He hasn't had a cap for his country at any level yet but did score in his league debut for the hoops and also played his first European match in the euro cup. He hasnt declared his nation yet and is currently with the England U19s. His value is 1.7m
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Name: Dan Archer, CB
Dan was quickly picked up by Manchester United which he clearly stated was a dream as they are such a big club. But things could have been different as he had a short trial with Blackburn just before. Dan is indeed another U20 world cup winner with England and has been dubbed the next Michael Dawson and compared to Vidic. His value right now is 3.2m
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Name: Miguel Sanchez, DC/DL
Miguel has signed a pre contract with Bologna to join them in 2013 but who knows what will happen to him until then. He hasnt done anything for his international side Chile yet and hasnt really been active within the game yet, so surely much more to come in the near future.
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Name: Scott Houghton, M/AMC
Scott was snapped up by Sunderland although other teams were involved to try and get him. He was also involved in the U20 world cup win and also picked up a small injury mid august which could be why he is yet to play a game for Sunderland. His value is 3.4m
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Name: Connor Marley, ST
Connor is another person to be joining a club in 2013 and that club is Bordeaux. Not sure what he will do until then and has also not done much in the game.
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Name: Matthew Webb, MC
Matthew has joined fellow Englishman Scott at Sunderland but was not involved in the U20 world cup win. So he is yet to feature for his country or club. He has also been dubbed the next Glenn Hoddle. His value is 3.5m
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Name: Kristo Laur, ST
Kristo was eventually convinced to go to Lazio and he has been happy with the decision to go here. He has already been appointed Estonia U21 captain and scored on his debut for his country. He hasnt palyed yet for Lazio but is hoping to do so. His value is 3.8m.
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Name: Stephan Shagler, AMC/ST
Stephan will be joining Puebla in 2013 so not sure what will happen until then. He is being considered for a call up to Costa Rica and hasnt been invovled that much but is hoping to do more.
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Name: Andy Stewart, ST
Andy has signed a contract with Aston Villa and has already played 3 times and scored once. He has played once for Scotland U21s and his value is 3.4m
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Name: Matty Lewis, ST
Matty is the third player to have joined sunderland and did win U20 world cup. He has been dubbed the next Michael Owen which should be a big boost but hasnt featured for Sunderland yet. His value is 3.7m
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Jan 6, 2010
Not a bad start, wish his dribbling was abit better but he's only 15 so should develop quickly. Looking good
Aug 16, 2010
Nice to see me starting at Sunderland, hopefully will be able to make a few appearences during the season in cup competitions.