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Recent content by Operative Y

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    Thomas Muller

    Out of curiosity, has anyone played with him as a raumdeuter? He's supposed to be the very personification of it, and I was just wondering if he performed exceptionally better than anyone else would in that role. Of course, I suppose it also depends on the tactic.
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    Barcelona may have to leave La Liga

    Barcelona could play in the French League in light of possible Catalunya indepedence - Barca Blaugranes Due to Catalonia trying to gain independence from Spain, Barcelona and Espanyol may be forced to leave La Liga if the referendum passes. This is because the Spanish league system only allows...
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    2014/2015 Eredivisie Thread

    With the arrival of Sky Sports 5 on the 12th August, and coverage of the Den Haag v Feyenoord and Ajax v Vitesse games on Sky Sports 4 on Sunday it seems Dutch football is going to get a lot more coverage in the UK this season. With that in mind, I thought this thread would be a good idea. Now...
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    World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony

    Anyone watching it or just waiting until the game kicks off? I was going to do the latter, but thought I'd check it out. I'm not going to deny it's well choreographed and seems to capture all aspects of Brazilian culture, but Pitbull and J-Lo were barely audible. I'm not saying that's a bad...
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    England Under-21s v Wales Under-21s

    Anyone watching this qualifier for their Euro 2015 campaign? Nathan Redmond has looked lively, made a few bad passes though, but took both his goals well. Bit disappointed that Jenkinson hasn't really made an impact yet, but on the opposite side of defence Luke Garbutt has looked intriguing. I...
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    2014 World Cup Squads

    I'm sure by now everyone is aware of the England squad, but I thought I'd put this up for anyone who hasn't heard it or might be interested in the other countries squads. There's some interesting choices for every nation, and some who have decided to leave big name players out. BBC Sport -...
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    Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich (DFB Pokal)

    Is anyone watching the Super Cup match? I was watching the PSG - Real Madrid friendly match, in which Benzema put Madrid in front with a nice finish, until I saw this game was on. I missed the goal but a quick Google search has told me Reus put Dortmund ahead.
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    Matthias Ginter

    After seeing that Arsenal are interested in this young man in real life, I wondered if any of you had ever had any experience with him. I haven't seen him mentioned on here much. He plays for SC Freiburg at the moment. While I'm disappointed that after we've been linked with defensive...
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    How best to play Agüero?

    Last time I had him I played him as a lone striker with the role of trequartista, which I soon realised was a bad idea, as he was scoring goals, but obviously at the same time he was also looking to set others up. I've heard someone the way to get the best out of him is as a poacher with the...
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    Arsenal 4-1-1-3-1

    I suppose that's what it'd be called, although the game probably calls it a 4-3-3 considering it uses AML/R. So, it'd be like: GK FB CB CB FB DM CM AMR AMC AML ST Just wondering if anyone's used it and had any success...