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    Youth Intake

    One of my greatest passions playing Football Manager and one I'm sure many of you reading this share is developing young talent into star players. That means the youth intake day is one of the more exciting days in the season. We all hope that day brings us that potential superstar that will...
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    A Few thoughts about scouting youth

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts and start a discussion. First things first to find the best young players (or the best ones available) you need good scouts. In my experience scouts with PA and CA attributes over 15 are essential, simply because they do a better job at identifying the...
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    Sergio Aguero 500K AMC All Boys

    Name:Sergio Aguero Club: All Boys D.O.B: 7/4/1994 Nationality: Argentinian Position: AMC Strengths: Flair, Creativity , Decisions, technique dribbling , teamwork work rate Weaknesses: Stamina, acceleration, off the ball Best Roles: ADV playmaker attack Personality: Balanced Even better than...
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    Karlo Lulic

    Name:Karlo Lulic Club: NK Osijek D.O.B: 10/5/1996 Nationality: Croatian Position: MC/AMC Strengths: Flair, Off the Ball, Bravery, Technique , acceleration Weaknesses: Creativity, stamina, work rate Best Roles: AMC attack, terquartista, ADV playmaker attack Personality: Fairly Ambistious
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    FC Baku name manager based on his experience playing Football Manager?????

    Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade, aged just 21, was confirmed as manager of ambitious Baku on Wednesday, following the sacking of former Olympiacos defender Bozdar Bandovic. Huseynzade, who has been a behind-the-scenes advisor since February, fought off competition from former France...
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    Fede Vico --- Cordoba

    Name: Fede Vico Club:Cordoba D.O.B: 4/7/1994 Nationality: Spanish Position: Attacking Midfielder Left/C/R Strengths: creativity Passing flair acceleration agility Weaknesses: anticipation, team work roles advance playmaker attack terquartista
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    Sid Ahmed Aouedj -- MC Oran

    Name: Sid Ahmed Aouedj Club:MC Oran D.O.B: 2/7/1991 Nationality: Algerian Position: Attacking Midfielder Left/Center Strengths: dribbling technique flair acceleration agility off the ball creativity first touch Weaknesses: decisions, anticipation composure finishing roles advance playmaker...
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    Enzo Andia- Universidad Catolica CB stopper wonderkid

    Name: Enzo Andia Club:Universidad Catolica D.O.B: 16/8/1992 Nationality: Chile Position: Center Back Strengths: stamina strengh balance jumping bravery agression tackling marking all 15+!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weaknesses: composure decisions determination, roles central defender stopper
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    Sassa-- Botafogo

    Name: Sassa Club:Botafogo D.O.B: 11/1/1994 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Striker Strengths: dribbling technique finishing determination agility Weaknesses: none roles Complete forward- attack IMO he could turn into an Brazilian Rooney
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    Ilir Azemi- Furth

    Name: Ilir Azemi Club:Furth D.O.B: 21/2/1992 Nationality: Albanian Position: Striker Strengths: jumping flair teamwork workrate technique heading longshots finishing first touch composure off the ball Weaknesses: anticipation, bravery , creativity, crossing, dribbling roles Complete...
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    Amin Younes-- Gladbach 18 year old classy dribbler

    Name: Amin Younes Club:Gladbach D.O.B: 6/8/1993 Nationality: German Position: Attacking Midfielder Right Strengths: dribbling technique flair acceleration agility Weaknesses: crossing balance roles Winger as AMR Terquartista as AMC
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    Douglas Santos-- Nautico wing back sensation

    Name: Douglas Santos Club: Nautico D.O.B: 22/3/1994 Nationality: Brazilian Position: fullback/wingback Strengths: stamina teamwork workrate acceleration agillity composure passing Weaknesses: marking tackling positioning anticipation roles wing back attack but should be retrained to an AMC...
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    Babatounde Bello-- Zilina

    Name: Babatounde Bello Club: Zilina D.O.B: 6/10/1989 Nationality: Benin Position: Attacking Midfielder Strengths: stamina teamwork workrate decisions tackling first touch flair creativity positioning technique (all 15+) Weaknesses: passing, marking strengh roles AMC- advance...
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    Erik Janza-- Mura 05

    Name: Erik Janza Club: Mura 05 D.O.B: 21/06/1993 Nationality: Slovenian Position: left full back Strengths: positioning teamwork workrate crossing Weaknesses: anticipation, concentration, off the ball roles full back/wingback attack scouts mostly say the difference between his CA and PA...
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    Dario Canadjija--- Slaven Belupo

    Name: Dario Canadjija Club: Slaven Belupo D.O.B: 17/04/1994 Nationality: Croatian Position: Central Midfielder Strengths: technique pace teamwork workrate stamina bravery Weaknesses: dribbling, flair, anticipation MC- advance playmaker support scouts rate him at 2 star Ca and 3.5-4...