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    LLM - Modified Version of Updated SPFC TweakPoachers (4-1-2-3)

    Hi, I play mostly LLM but not with the full LLM rules. In the past (in previous FM's) I've been able to win the Champions League with KooTeePee (Low League Finnish Team) and Lurgan Celtic (Low League North Ireland Team), and now am trying to do it with a Low League Norwegian Team (HamKam)...
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    Pawn361v.Vodu - Probably the best tactic with 3 DC, 6 Midfielders and 1 Striker! :p

    This is the first tactic I am sharing in this forum, and I hope some of you will appreciate it! :)I tried to build an alternative to the common 4 defenders tactic formations that most people use at the moment. I have been looking at other tactics with 3 defenders, and didn't see many good...