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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    gotta love the well worked, keep sliding till you score play.. tactical genius
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    Well every issue I have has been mentioned so I won't mention them again, however, If I see one more of the opposition Full backs, just gracefully wander his way up to the pitch and score, I may just quit, especially when you're talented winger does the same, and then passes the ball to their keeper
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    [Public Beta] Suk Sam diamond wide / Wolves 20 matches 17w 2d 1l / 78 ccc in 20matches

    awesome cheers, 2 games so far, scored 12, but conceded 6, will carry on with it, but it's very open at the back
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    [Public Beta] Suk Sam diamond wide / Wolves 20 matches 17w 2d 1l / 78 ccc in 20matches

    do the IWB need to to be right footed for L and left footed for R?
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    4-2-3-1 - Justinian - Lots of Chances and Solid Defence

    i've been playing a 4-4-2 or variation thereof, with my Burton team, but have been considering a change to a 4-2-3-1 for a while, we have secured promotion to the Prem, so now may be the ideal time to switch over,
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    Knap Venom Faith 4-4-2

    do the wingers need to be strong foot for their side?
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    Reaving! 442 by TFF tweaked by RDF

    just a query, I am using a 4-4-2 with my Burton save, I was just wondering, how important is it to have a left footed rightmidfielder and vice versa, as the ones I have a most suited to their dominant side, and don't play comfortable on the opposite flank
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    the next generation

    Now I know it's early doors and he's only been with us since pre-season but this kis is an established star for the Austrian U21 squad at the cost of 5 million from FC Red Bull Salzburg. In my opinion he is well worth a look I will update on him through the season He is a shadow striker...
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    Leeding the line

    I am managing Leeds and have decided on a DLF as my main striker, the tactic is working pretty well, but i need a DLF-A to support/replace Chris Wood, and suggestions are much appreciated. I am using Teamwork, First touch and Workrate as the main attributes, but I welcome any advice
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    When FM does not reflect real life

    IRL starring at the European Championships for Portugal In FM... on loan to Derby with a potential 14.5 million pound fee to make permanent
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    full back trouble

    is there a specific instruction i can give my full backs to force them to cross on their strong foot, they get into good positions but then seem to cut onto their weak side to cross thus allowing defenders to close. will the team instruction play early crosses help or is it a PPM or PI issue...
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    This is not a NEW tactic. More an evolution of a 4-1-2-2-1 this is my half season test currently only specific instructions I give is the AP right and left to swap positions also for the corners i use a RF on the right ones and LF on the left ones so they swing out with the other AP on a come...
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    uploading tactics

    I have never had enough confidence to upload a tactic but have been working on a 4-1-2-2-1 that i find effective. Just wondering how I go about uploading it and creating any links for letting others download it Cheers in advance
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    Wonderkid I stumbled upon

    Imagine if you will, a lonely scout scouring Europe for a player, that one player that could prove to everyone that he has what it takes to be a great player.... This guy was picked up by us from Sporting Lisbon for a mere 1.8 million below are his stats currently for my season 2017/18 also his...
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    Looking for a challenge

    I am running the England Wales Scotland and both Irish country leagues, as well as several other european ones as I am attempting a lower league career where I start as an badly qualified manager and attempt to better myself as I grow as a manager. I want to develop a 4-4-2 with wide...