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    Be A Player 2020 Youtube Series

    Player: Name (please keep to realistic names): Philip Mc Donagh D.O.B (DD/MM): 05/11 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Colour: Dark Brown Hair Length: Short Skin tone: 5 City of birth: Dublin Nationality: Ireland Person Data: Pick 1 high and 1 low: High(Professionalism)Low(Controversy)...
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    Help Required

    Hi Guys, Currently in work so cant post any screenshots of squad etc... I am managing Aston villa & i was promoted in season 1.However I am struggling at the start of the new season to find a win. Have played 4 lost 3. (played Southampton, Huddersfield, Everton & Tottenham). I was playin 4123...
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    How to scout young players

    I want to send my scout around Europe to unearth future talents. What parameters should i set in the assignment?
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    Athletico Madrid 2017/2018 good signings

    Just took over at Athletico Madrid. They finished 7th Last year. I have €13million to spend and tight wage budget. Any recommendations? Am at work now but can post a screenshot of team later