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    4-2-3-1 Wide GP Trequartista

    Hello Everyone, This is not my Tactic but I have been using it to devastating effect in my Liverpool Save! I believe the creator is call Trequartista and there is a youtube video abot the tatctic. Give the video a watch and the tactic a try, you will be happy you did! :) 4-2-3-1 Wide - GP...
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    Question on striker roles

    What's the best lone striker role to use if you are using wingers?
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    PLZ PLZ help someone! :)

    So I can't download any tactics....... I can't seem to copy and paste them into the tactics file in fm18 and my winzip won't unzip them... I seem to have made Curse app my unzip app???? I'm useless at computers so any help would be great :P Thanks in advance :)
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    4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker by the Reckonist

    No idea how to post download links so sorry about that. Just wanted to urge everyone to try this tactic ' 4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker ' by the reckonist. Its so f**king good! :)
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    Best youth coaches?

    Anyone got a list of best under 18 and under 21 coaches plz?
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    Successful tactics in this years fm?

    whats best most successful tactic in this years fm? thinking of being southampton. Thanks in advance:)
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    Assistant Manager for Fulham?

    Need a Assistant manager for Fulham 1st season. Any suggestions? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance:)
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    PPM's for these positions?

    Whats best PPM's for all the postions in this tactic? 4231 Wide. GK - Defend FB - Attack CD - Defend DM - Defend RGA - Support IF - Attack W - Attack AM - Support AF - Attack Thanks in advance
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    Started a save with Southampton 1st season patch 15.3.1. Really need help with signings as have no clue who to buy/sell....... I have 10m but am about to sign Pavel Kaderabek for 4m (2m up front, 1.5 over 48 months and 500k after 50 games) So that will be deducted from my 10m. This is my tactic...