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    Issue with Editor File

    After having to restore to a previous version of an Editor file after the original version stopped working, I now get the below error message when I try to load the file, before it then tells me that the file cannot be loaded. I'm assuming this has something to do with my having to restore to a...
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    Cup Rules - Replays & Regional Leagues

    Regarding rules for cup competitions, how do you make it so that games go to replays in a draw rather than going to extra time or penalties (or golden goal or whatever other nonsense)? There doesn't seem to be an option for this in the Editor, with the closest being setting dates for second...
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    FM16 Editor Help - Could Not Load File

    Earlier, I was doing loads of important editing work for an FM16 English lower leagues that I've been modifying to suit what I want. I wanted to briefly switch to some other editing work, so I reloaded the database as normal. However, since then the original database I was working on will not...