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Recent content by pressthe8

  1. pressthe8

    Altrincham F.C. - Mission: Champions League

    League Cup is just a distraction anyway. All about that CL group! GL.
  2. pressthe8

    [FM20] Another 20 CHEAP undiscovered talents to check out

    Nice list. Had Dejan in one of my saves too! (y)
  3. pressthe8

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment?

    Been pretty addicted to a mobile game called Golf Blitz the past few months. Multiplayer race to the hole so pretty manic and fun. Other end of the scale, an online version of the board game Diplomacy.
  4. pressthe8

    Where are the new players?

    I very much doubt the 2011 version is being supported any more. Can you just download a more recent version instead, or the touch does not handle it?
  5. pressthe8

    A board game for CM/FM fans

    Cool. I saw this on Twitter before - seems like a great idea :)
  6. pressthe8

    The Liverpool Thread

    Trophy not even in the cabinet yet, and already it's boring :)